Image courtesy of digitalart/

Image courtesy of digitalart/

10 Most Wanted: Employment

I am tired of going back-and-forth about work and trying to figure out what to do with my life.  I do want to work toward my ideal job, but I feel tired.  I just wanted to focus on myself for a while and move on with the rest of my life for a bit.

1. I have weekends.

2. I have 6-hour or less work days with limited work outside of the workplace.

3. My work is meaningful; I am completing work for the good of all concerned; I am working with underdogs, those who are unappreciated, neglected, need someone to bring light.

4. My commute is the same as now (averaging 30 minutes) or less.

5. I am physically active in my work.

6. I have enough abundance to meet my needs and wants.

7.  My schedule is flexible (both hours and days).

8. My work allows me to utilize my creativity, and my work is interesting.

9. The environment is bright and joyful (white/light walls, sunshine, and friendly people).

10. I am confident and competent in my work and respected as such.

I release this to the universe.

Updated 10 Most Wanted: Life

1. Opportunities to promote “the good of all concerned”

2. Employment that fits my ideals (above)

3. A finished basement

4. A cleared out guest room and upstairs hallway

5. My own artist’s space

6. Finished and returned library books

7. Completed Artist’s Way Journal

8. A Sketchbook/Art Journal

9. Fitted pants.

10. A visit to my uncle in California.

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