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I am so pleased that I decided to go to the Bible lecture tonight.  It was a wonderful community event in which students from the schools in Bolingbrook, Palatine, and Chicago gathered together to share a potluck dinner — every single dish was A-MAZING! — and then participated in a fascinating lecture by Dr. Laurel on the first 3 chapters of Genesis, as seen through the Universal Language of Mind.

Dr. Laurel had us start by sharing our names, lessons we are on, and our experience with the Bible.  Students ranged from Lesson 5 through lesson 39, and surprisingly, a significant number of the participants tonight came from Catholic backgrounds, like me.  One student truly touched my heart when he shared his own journey with his faith and his excitement at what he was learning through the School of Metaphysics.

Then, the lecture began.  We were mesmerized, like eager children, gobbling up delicious knowledge.  Some students’ pens flew across their pages as the interpretation reached our ears.  Others sat back and just listened, taking it all in.  The room was so crowded that some of us chose to sit on pillows, and I was reminded of one of my favorite childhood Bible stories of workaholic Martha, and her sister Mary, rapt listener.  We were sitting in a circle, ourselves a bunch of “Martha”s, absorbing the message.

Time flew, and like waking from a dream, I emerged in a peaceful daze.  I asked: “Can we do this again?”

I realized the School of Metaphysics is bringing my faith back to me.  For many years I was a devoted Christian follower, but I sometimes felt a nagging, like something just wasn’t quite right for me.  Persistent nagging and doubts gave way to many “dark nights of the soul”, and then gradually I came to completely dismiss my faith.  I stopped participating in parts of mass that I didn’t agree with, and then I stopped going to church.  I quit struggling to pray.  I cringed at the words “God” and “Jesus.” I avoided Christmas songs.  I gave away my Bible.  I felt awkward at wedding ceremonies and cringed at Christian Facebook posts.

But then I went to the Cantata this year and learned that Jesus is the part of ourselves that is the conversion from “believing” to “knowing”, and I began to sing again.

I learned about the Creator in our lessons, whose creations became the sparks of life within us, and so I made peace with “God.”  I’m still struggling with the “Father” part of it, though.

Then, I learned about the mind triangle and Christ-consciousness/Buddha-consciousness, and I began to see Jesus and Buddha as the wonderful teachers and enlightened beings that they were.  I put Buddha, Jesus, and Mary — the ultimate example of receptivity at the center of my “People to Emulate” collage.

Then, through healing service, meditation, and visualization, I have began to try to pray again.

Tonight, I have renewed my relationship with the Bible. Here is a brief summary (which does not compare with Dr. Laurel’s wonderful full interpretation):  Genesis is the story of creation — of our creation.  It is the story of life that began with the heavens (superconsciousness) and the blankness below (consciousness without form).  We are the sparks of superconscious mind who also became subconscious mind (Adam), and then conscious mind (Eve), who together create a whole.  In the Garden of Eden we began to reason, with the impetus of the ego (snake). One day we will return and walk past the fiery sword (karma) when our learning is complete.

And the most valuable lesson of tonight is: We are created in the image of God. We are all beautiful, amazing creatures because we are children of God.  The Genesis message is not of sin and judgement, but a story of creation and growth.  Growth means learning, and learning can be challenging, but the resulting expansion is world-changing.

The School of Metaphysics welcomes you!  Some schools start new classes every month, and for some, coursework by correspondence.  School centers include:

345 Manor Court • Bolingbrook, Illinois60440 • (630) 739-1329

5021 W. Irving Park Road •Chicago, Illinois 60641 • (773) 427-0155

222 West Wilson • Palatine, Illinois 60067 • (847) 991-0140

1009 E. Main Street • Urbana, llinois 68120 • (217) 344-2270

6138 North Hillside • Indianapolis, Indiana 46220 • (317) 251-5285

3715 University •Des Moines, Iowa50311 • (515) 255-5570

4323 Rainbow Boulevard • Kansas City, Kansas 66103 • (913) 236-9292

2704 Hikes Lane • Louisville, Kentucky 40218 • (502) 452-2501

103 West Broadway • Columbia, Missouri 65203 • (573) 449-8312

1033 East SunshineSpringfield, Missouri65803 • (417) 831-0955

2606 Oakview Terrace • Maplewood, Missouri 63143 • (314) 645-0036

14 Sheehan Avenue Cincinnati, Ohio 45216 • (513) 821-7353

908 NW 12th St • Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73106 • (405) 228-0506

429 S. Memorial •Tulsa, Oklahoma 74112 • (918) 582-8836

5832 Live Oak Street • Dallas, Texas75214 • (214) 821-5406

SOM World Headquarters College of Metaphysics
Windyville, Missouri 65783 • (417) 345-8411

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