Image courtesy of Vlado/

Image courtesy of Vlado/

Today I struggled with whether or not to cancel my tutoring lessons and evening plans.  Could I make it out in this snow?  Was it worth it?  I finally decided that I would take initiative and cancel all of my plans for the day.  I still feel a little guilty for some reason, but these thoughts were helpful in leading me to my decision:

  • Students cancel for various reasons all of the time.  In fact, if I were in the reverse position and were planning on driving to a lesson, I would most likely cancel today.
  • I did leave some homework with two of the students, and I am possibly rescheduling with the third.
  • I can make up the time I intended to spend on transcribing intuitive reports.
  • I can make up the last health class and will begin using the DNA transfiguration meditation today.
  • Our guest teacher in class yesterday spoke on the importance of making a clear commitment, so that you don’t spend a lot of wasteful time in worry.  I waited and didn’t cancel last night because I wanted to be sure, but I could feel the worry rising through my chest this morning.  So, I chose to be decisive and take action.

So, now my question is: What do I do tomorrow?

In the past, my institution decided whether or not I would come in.  As a student, the school decided when conditions were unacceptable.  As a teacher, the same institution made the decisions for me.  But those considerations were made for the children, and I am not a child.  At what point do I decide that work is not worth the risk?

Will my car start?  What will it be like in the warehouse?  I work right against the wall to the outside, beside large delivery doors that open and close during the day.  If it is below zero outside, will it be below zero inside, too?  (I suppose I could ask to move to a different location for the day.)  And will the processors call off?  My job involves checking in the work of others, so if no one is there — there will be no work for me . . .  and I will have to conjure up work to do (which can be maddening).  I also haven’t worked much in the last few weeks, so I feel that I should be getting some work in.  (And will I be penalized for calling off?)

I guess I will prepare for tomorrow as if I am going in and just do the research and be smart about things.

  1. If my car doesn’t start tomorrow morning, my decision will be made for me.
  2. I will need to have a hat, find some decent gloves, and possibly even suit up in long underwear and extra socks.  (I may even try to find my face mask!)
  3. I will make sure to run my car for a while before I drive.
  4. I will keep my phone charged and bring my charger with me.
  5. I will have a sleeping bag or two in the trunk.
  6. I will make sure I have 2 bottles full of water and some snacks.

So, I keep asking myself, “Why-oh-why did my ancestors choose the Chicagoland area??  (Jobs and opportunity, family and community — yes, yes, I know, I know.)   Regardless, I am here for a reason, and I will learn what I can.

How do you deal with the weather? Those of you in warmer climates/seasons, feel free to share your warm-weather woes.

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