Premonition Dream!

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I had my first premonition dream! The weird thing is I didn’t have a clear memory of it.  I went to write my dreams in my dream journal this morning, and I had some foggy recollection of being in a car, waiting in front of train tracks.  I thought I remembered an engine sitting perpendicular to the tracks, blocking my way from passing.  Then I thought I remembered something about two trains passing, one after the other.  But I didn’t have a clear memory of the dream, so I wasn’t sure if it was really a dream or some random imaginative visions in the wee hours of waking.

Then this morning I was getting ready for work, and Brian called and warned me that he had heard something about Rt-55 being slow.  I was already cutting things close and knew I’d had some back luck with Thursdays and being late to work, so I decided I’d take the alternate route to work. I don’t like to take the alternate route generally because it’s a little slower– and  I was considering taking the highway afterall because WBBM radio hadn’t mentioned any traffic issues on 55 —  but I decided last minute to stick with the alternate route to be safe.  And then . . . deja vu.  No weird vertical engine or double train, but a train, nonetheless, blocking my path, and as I surveyed my surroundings, I realized I was in the setting as my hazy dream.

So, there it is!  My first premonition!  Now what do I make of that?

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  1. Thats so cool, I hope i get one one day!

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