This was another book for metaphysics class that was a lot to digest.  The calibration and kinesiology was fascinating (using the muscle test — arm goes weak to falsehood and stays strong for truth —  to determine what is true and also to create a universal rating scale).  When I was a kid my chiropractor used the muscle test on me to check for allergies.  Supposedly I was allergic to cats, but that never stopped me!  The muscle test sounds really great, but I feel like it’s a challenge to be really accurate.  You can’t do it with your significant other, you have to be above a certain calibration yourself for it to be accurate, and you have to ask very specifically planned questions, checking if it’s even ok to ask the question in the first place (for the greatest good).  So, I think I’d rather develop my intuition . . .

It left me wondering where I measure on the scale.  I talked with a fellow student about it, and I think it’s likely we are a roller coaster of calibrations, not completely static.  I don’t completely get it.  From Hawkin’s description, it seems like calibrations vary from social class to social class and from intelligence level to intelligence level, and I just don’t buy that.  Some of the most peaceful, happy people are poor, and some of the most loving people are intellectually challenged.  (I know he said something about not referring to IQ, though, so it’s possible I just didn’t understand his meaning.)  More importantly, I noticed that he said something about the 500-level calibration that echoed words from my past life profile, that at that level people come just to be in your presence.  Well, then, I guess my goal is to get back to 500!

In closing, these two quotes from page 132 packed the biggest power punch (enough that I actually folded the page over!): “In this interconnected universe, every improvement we make in our own private world improves the world at large for everyone” and “Simple kindness to one’s self and all that lives is the most powerful transformational force of all.”  There is no rationalization for selfishness or jealousy when we are interconnected with each other.  What benefits one, benefits the many.  Love of one’s self benefits others.  Love of others benefits one’s self.   With every positive thought and action, we benefit humankind.

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