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Image courtesy of digitalart /"
Image courtesy of digitalart /

The 5-Day Reversal is one of my daily metaphysics exercises, and I’m in a typing mood, so I’m doing it on here again.  Here we go:


5. Half-watching Done the Impossible — anecdotes about Firefly from fans — and Healthy Shopping a useful food shopping “How to” from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. (And then proceeded to have half a pint of Culver’s ice cream. . .)

4. E-mail swap with a good friend.

3. Finally got my future-hippie-hair trimmed (basically just added some layers).

2. ACT tutoring (tying in metaphysics to self-motivation)

1. Lovely walk in the rare pleasant winter weather.


5. Printed out all of  the pictures for my inspirational collage.

4. Leaving the house: Culver’s pints fun, failed glassware purchase attempt (later rectified), and lovely Olive Garden linner/dunch.

3. House Cleaning!  Kitchen looks presentable, laundry mountain is diminished

2. Yummy pumpkin pancakes and spicy egg breakfast!

1. Ordered Rent Tickets! “There is not future. . .  there is no past. . .”


5. Reading Power vs. Force

4. Dessert with the Fam.

3. Thanksgiving with the Fam.

2. Meditation and Candle Activity

1. Morning Fun!


5. Metaphysics Class

4. Dream Webinar

3. Finishing up some metaphysics exercises

2. Chatting with Golbahar about the future

1.Thanksgiving Potluck


5. Convinced to continue with improv through an eloquent speech by a fellow-improver

4. Received one of my favorite-ist compliments.

3. Had a lovely last class for Improv Level 1

2. Finished work early and got to have a pleasant sit down meal with Brian (No munching on the run!)

1. Warehouse work and metaphysical exercises.

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