“Slow Down!”: Addendum

Do your visualizations match your words?

This is what I was contemplating this morning during my meditation.  I was feeling depressed this morning and trying to figure out why.  Finally, after letting my mind run a while with thoughts and thoughts and thoughts, I got to the meat of the issue: I was still visualizing what I didn’t want.  My words were saying one thing, but I was still picturing, thus still living in what I didn’t want.

It can be difficult trying to visualize a totally new image for my life.  What does it look like to have space and get things done without stress and worry?  To not be rushing?  To be relaxed?  I don’t feel like I have a lot of life memory to draw from.  But that’s ok.  Baby steps.  At 8:30, I will be done with this post.  At 8:45 I will be done taking care of Bowser and be pulling the garbage/recycling cans out and be on my way to work.  I will have a relaxing drive to work because I’ve checked the traffic.

I’m on my way.

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