Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /

Have you ever put something off, and it has remained there — in your mind, growing and growing and growing, until it has become this huge, terrifying monster?  For me, I’m struggling with this blog and with my health insurance.

Changing my health insurance over has now morphed into this monumental task that I fear will take hours upon hours.  I’ll be battling with technology in the attempt to navigate a previously uncharted web-site, then experiencing a metaphysical struggle over what to enter as  I project as my projected future income, in order to determine my monthly premium.  (Should I use what I’m making now, to make sure I’m not paying too much each month?  Or do I want to visualize what I actually want to be making next year, so that I’m attracting and clarifying what I want to the universe?)

And then there’s this blog.  I’ve had plenty of ideas for this post over the past 3 weeks.  So. . .  why didn’t I post?  Part of it was making time.  Part of it was needing to make decisions.  And then it became about all this pressure I had placed on myself to create something truly AWESOME — I mean, since I’d taken my good, sweet time about it.

So, sometimes it’s just about DOING something,  just to have it done. Sure, t might turn out as awful as you feared —  or not as wonderful as you hoped — but you’ve gone and conquered that monster  — or unplugged that pressure cooker — and you might find it wasn’t so scary afterall!

(And to you, my insurance guy, who I know may be reading this — I will get that transfer done. . .  but I may need you to hold my hand all the way through it!)


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