This was inspired by a request to put something in our Metaphysics School newsletter Vibrations.  I don’t know how much of this is going to go in yet, but you get to see it first! 🙂

Image courtesy of samarttiw /

Image courtesy of samarttiw /

Who knew a fundraiser could be so much fun?  Our class put the “FUN!” in fundraiser when we had our “Fun Night of Dreaming” Saturday, October 12th.

When Golbahar, my Metaphysics instructor, told us that each class has fundraiser projects, my ego snapped to attention, and the internal whining commenced.  Giving and receiving is something that I’ve struggled with my whole life; thus, fundraisers are not my favorite events.  However, one of the many things I’ve learned through Metaphysics class  is that retreating to one’s place of comfort means missing opportunities for growth.

SO, when Golbahar mentioned that she was going to go around asking for food donations, something inside me told me to go with her.  Unfortunately, my schedule was packed, and Golbahar and others were getting ready for the 40th Anniversary Celebration, so finding a time to meet up got complicated.  Suddenly, me watching how donations were done turned into ME getting donations done!  At first, I panicked, but after some comforting suggestions from our guest teacher, Rudy – and not wanting to let my classmates, or myself, down – I determined that I would give it a shot.  Even just doing it would help me build self-confidence and experience, no matter what the result.

And no, it did not turn out to be a happily-ever-after experience. I quickly learned — useful for you future fundraiser-ers out there – that most places now want 21-30 days notice to process your donation request.  (Now, I know!)  However, I gained confidence  each time I got the guts to speak to a manager — a total of 5 times! — and I got a wonderful “Yes!” from Olive Garden who generously supplied us with some tasty breadsticks and bruschetta.

The event was perfect.  I panicked again when we only had a handful of people at the beginning, but our guests gradually began to trickle in, and we ended up with enough people to all comfortably squeeze into our downstairs meeting space.  We had a great time discussing what dreams are, we shared and interpreted dreams (Kids got in on it, too!), we had our “50-50” and “Dream Coach Session” raffles, and we even played a little Dream Bingo.  (I won the first round and won some beautiful tealight candles that are perfect for my candle exercise!)

What did I learn this event (besides that fundraisers don’t have to be scary)?  I learned that I am stronger than I think I am and that I can achieve what I desire, if I focus my attention on it.  What did we gain as a group?  We came together as a team and gained an appreciation for each other’s special talents.  All of us had some part to play in the preparation of this event; all of us did an amazing job speaking to the group, sharing our dream experiences with a charm and honesty that made the presentations really fun to watch.

So, a month ago, if you’d dropped the word: “Fundraiser!” I’d have said “What?!  No!”  But now I’m looking forward to our next event!

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