Reflection on My Top 10

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/

According to my metaphysics class, I’m not supposed to call this list the “Top 10”, but this is my blog, so nyah, nyah, nyah! 🙂 (Ego involved here?  Naah!)

Here are my Top 10 from my original post in the beginning of July:

1. Play time.  — Unchanged.

2. Art time — Still a need but combined with others numbers.

3. Sacred Space. — Unchanged.

4. $2500 a month.  — Made it once!  Something I am really struggling with; had to make an adjustment.

5. Enlightenment  – Would be great.  Quite a hefty goal!

6. Work clothes. — Not so much of a concern, but it does bother me that my clothes presently don’t fit right.

7. Etsy skirts – Got ’em!

8. Fish tank —  Got it!

9. Mortgage paid —  Unchanged but reworded.

10. Bike 100 miles (in one day). —  Did it!

Here are my newbies/repeats:

1. Awareness of my thoughts; changing negative affirmations to positive ones

2. Fulfilling work

3. Time and abundance.

4. Play

5. Debt-Free

6. Experiencing Light and Bringing Light

7. Finished basement.

8. Sacred Space.

9. Being in a band

10. Dance

These might take a little longer to accomplish, but they are what I really want.  Time to go meditate, visualize, and concentrate before I fall asleep!

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