Cloud Nine

I got a super high today just from talking with 4 wonderful ladies about life and beyond.  Driving home I had all of these wonderful ideas of what to do and what to post about.  Somehow, when I got home, I lost a lot of that momentum.  Gotta work on that.  I think maybe part of it has to do with our house number being a 4.  It’s a little suffocating to my creativity.  Can one just get one’s house number changed?. :-p Something to keep in mind with the next place, I guess. . .

Finally finished transcribing my health analysis today.  I’m gonna start reading that daily like I’m supposed to.  I’ve already been thinking on it a lot, though.  So, I’m on my way.  I dreamt like crazy this morning.  I’ve gotta go back and analyze what was going on:  wedding plans (of my cousin), a break-in at work, organizing binders, an upstairs outdoor stationary store, my grandpa’s birthday,  bus duty at my old place of work, facing off with a nun, semi-chest exposure . . .  a lot going on there! My Dreamer’s Dictionary doesn’t have specific entries for body parts, so thank you I got some help from the school director today. . .

Below is something else I’m thinking about looking at every day.  It really makes sense!  (There’s are plenty more of these fantastic videos with this medium on youtube!)  I’m inspired to reach for that higher vibration and live the life I love!  I have some heroes that I want to emulate who are presently living their perfect realities.  More on that to follow.  So, I leave you with this as I go off to do my exercise; have a lovely life, everyone:

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