It’s my birthday month, the month of Virgo — or at least part of it, I think — and it’s a month of crazy.  Well, August was a month of crazy, and September doesn’t show any signs of stopping.

I want to be writing every day, so I think this blog will come first before my new paperback (What was I thinking?) journal), though not on days like tomorrow, when I’m gone from 5:30AM to 8:30PM.  Geez.  It looks crazy even after just typing it.  I panicked about not having a stable job and went and said yes to a whole bunch of stuff.  And now I’m reeling, trying to take a step back, but still afraid of letting potential opportunities slide by.

But there are other things sliding by the wayside, like writing, like my desire to get involved in an improv class, like my need to dance and create.  Someday I hope to have this all figured out.  I’m supposed to imagine the perfect life situation for myself and start visualizing it.  (My teacher just recently suggested that I actually draw it.)

My internal censor is still very strong right now.  It criticizes every imaginative, visualizing thought.  I need to try what Cindy has said and tell it to go play in the corner for a while.  Why is this such a struggle?

I’m also supposed to be celebrating every accomplishment, no matter how small my censor thinks it is.  So, I celebrate getting two blogs in after a long hiatus.  I celebrate biking 57.7 miles today in preparation for the Door County Century next weekend.  I celebrate finally getting my intuitive health report.  I celebrate keeping up with my exercises.  I celebrate doing my load of laundry.  I celebrate saying “No” today (though it was really more of a “probably not.”)  I celebrate making it to Busse Woods, meeting with my teacher, meeting with my new buddy Debbie to make my vision board, and having a wonderful last two days.

I hope you also have had a Wonderful Labor Day Weekend. 🙂



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