I disappeared.  I’m back.  I’m a bit rusty now.  I have so many thoughts, but I’m getting a little writer’s blockish.  So, this is a bit choppy.  I got in my one August post, though!  Just in the nick of time. 🙂  Having some apple cider with squeezed lemon, cayenne, and olive oil, as recommended by my intuitive health analysis.  So much else mentioned in my health analysis.  Mostly painful.  Back-and-forth on tutoring.  Back-and-forth-and-back.  I like the freshness of a new student.  I like to feel I’m helping.  I guess I need to look at my need for gratitude, though.  Watching The Neighbors.  So funny.  The commercials aren’t.  So repetitive.   Ok.  Time for bed.


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