There Are No Mistakes

"Yellow Empty Room" courtesy of sumetho /

“Yellow Empty Room” courtesy of sumetho /

“It is our hope that you will see the value in what you have thought and done.”

This is a quote from my second lesson in the School of Metaphysics.*  To me it means to look back at my past.  It means to see everything in the light of learning.  We shine light on what we have accomplished — even those areas that make us squirm, that we would rather leave in the dark. 

I know there are no mistakes.  Sometimes I wonder how my life would have been different if I’d made different choices.  I’ve preferred to float around on the breeze, letting the universe take responsibility for my life, so that I would not have to face the consequences.  Well, now I see that this is something I must unlearn.  It is time for me to consciously make choices, big and small, day-by-day.  It is time for me to accept responsibility for my actions, revel in my fulfilled promises, evaluate my accomplishments.

Besides the regular exercises that I am completing for class, I have added voicing my choices aloud during the day.  (“I am going to do a load of laundry.”  “I am going to apply for this job.”)  And then I recognize my accomplishments. 

I look at where I am now, and I look at my choices.  I see the people (and animals!) I have put in my life.  I see what I chose to study.  I see what jobs I chose.   I see what value I have given myself.   I see what life I have chosen.   And I begin to see where I go from here.


*Lessons may last more than one day.  I have had 4 weeks of class, but I’m on the 2nd lesson.

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