Smorgasbord Time!

"Abstract Radial" courtesy of Simon Howden /

“Abstract Radial” courtesy of Simon Howden /

It’s been a long time since I last posted — if I’m trying to post every day, which I am — so, this is the time when I spit out everything and attempt to make it organized, so that it doesn’t come out like (_insert disgusting analogy here__).


Yeah, I’m totally a fair-weather fan.  I don’t even attempt to hide it anymore.  And I’m fairly disgusted with certain Chicago sports. But, Go Blackhawks!  How awesome are they?  (I have no TV pretty much, except for 3 channels, but I’m getting a basic idea of what’s happening in the game from the triangle of the slow internet score updates, my neighbor’s anguished/excited cries out back, and Brian’s occasional texts.)

Hay House

I overdosed.  Yes, (raised hand) I admit it.  I knew it was crazy to try to listen to ALL of those videos, but I tried anyway.  And it all ended up blending into a crazy mish-mosh, so that if people asked me what I learned for the day, I couldn’t tell them anything with certainty.  HOWEVER, I did enjoy the videos I listening to, and I feel I internalized some great ideas, that I may or may not remember right away if you were to on-the-spot ask me about them. (But, give me time — they will likely come up in future posts.)   If nothing else, I know this: Meditation!  Self-love!  Gratitude!  Service!  And I am now trying to limit myself to two or three videos a day, instead of 9-10!  (Today I listened to two on finances.)  Tomorrow will be a little tough because 5 of them look interesting . . .

School of Metaphysics

I am really enjoying my Wednesday class.  It’s funny; I go in cycles between being really excited and being anxious.  Now I’m more excited.  Tomorrow will be interesting because we’re having a “beautify the space” day, and I’ve found that I’m tight with time and helping lately, so this is not something I’m super excited about, even though I know it will be good for me (which is funny because I’ve been looking for volunteer activities.  I suppose looking is not the same as doing.)

Coursera Art Course

I’ve been wanting to explore art for forever, but it’s been one of my blockages, which relates to letting myself “play,” as Cindy, my coach tells me.  She told me to take 2 minutes a day to play.  That was yesterday.  I still haven’t “played” yet.  Sometimes I wish I could just make myself into a 3-year-old again.  Anyway, the course is really fascinating. The audio lectures about the artists are a little long for me, but everything else is intriguing: the fantastical artists themselves, their work, the various materials one can use for art, the various lines and shades and textures and other-art-terms-that-I can’t-remember-but-was-awed-by, etc.  I’m supposed to create a couple of art projects. One is supposed to be an introduction to me.  I thought it would be fun to use some collage maybe and possibly some colored pencils.  (I’m not going to have the really awesome fancypants materials that the instructor was showing us, but I’ll make do!)  And I thought it would be neat to incorporate something having to do with dreams and my true self, since that’s what I’ve been interested in lately.  So, we’ll see.  If I get it done — I mean, WHEN I get it done — I’ll post it on here.


I am starting a new student on Monday.  It will be for 3 weeks, and it is a summer make-up Level 2 Spanish course.  I’m both excited and terrified.  I already have some ideas, but I can feel the old anxiety settling in.  Sigh.

Job Stuff

And speaking of job-related stuff. . .  yeah, I’m still thinking about where I’m headed next.  All the time.  Money and job.  Those thoughts are my constant companions.  It’s good that I’m still tutoring, so I don’t feel like I’m completely aimlessly floating.  There is aim!  Sigh.  BUT, I’m meeting with the director of the School of Metaphysics tomorrow to hopefully get some insight from her about it.  I’m really nervous all my blockaging forces will come kicking and screaming out at her in a ferocious and scary way, but it can’t hurt to see what happens! . . .  Right?

And that’s going to have to be it for now.  Blackhawks are in double overtime right now.  Yeesh. . . yawn . . . Bed time.

Wait. Wait — (for those of you who came to this page because of the “strawberry” or “gardening” search terms I threw in there) Here it is: Strawberries from your garden are the most delicious thing ever. Well, anyway, they are amazing. That is all. 😀

"Red Strawberry"  courtesy of criminalatt /

“Red Strawberry” courtesy of criminalatt /

Worth the wait, right?  

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