Endings and Beginnings

Today was my last day.  I feel hollow.  But I always do at this time.  My life becomes so wrapped up in my job that I don’t know myself and what to do once it’s over.  I guess that’s a big part of why I need to move on.  I’m subbing tomorrow.  I’m not a big fan of subbing, but I figure I need to start taking in income where I can.  It’s in Chicago, so it will be quite a drive.  And it’s a P.E. position on the same day as a kindergarten ceremony, so if it rains, they won’t even have P.E.  I don’t want to drive out there and have to drive home.  It’s like praying for a softball rainout.

I have a bad feeling about it.  But I have a bad feeling about many things.  I’m noticing it even more now.  Time to start the visualization practices early.  Time to start imagining the best instead of fearing the worst.

I didn’t do my mirror exercise today, but I’m so tired.  Early start tomorrow. . .  maybe.  I’m glad the year is finished.  I’ll see my fellow teachers in reading club this summer.  I’m sad that I didn’t say goodbye to my students, though.  I miss hugging my students goodbye.  There are some things I will definitely miss about teaching.

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