Rapid Reflection

It’s time for bed.  So here’s my quickie reflection based on the last few hours:

  • I’ve been having trouble with the mirror exercise.  And today we were supposed to picture ourselves.  I couldn’t.  Lack of concept of self = reason for blurry image?  Perhaps!
  • WHO AM I?
  • Funny that parts of the teaching come from what I’ve already been learning and already believe!
  • Extreme resistance to parts of class –> dissipated with time –> What does this mean?
  • If people are not giving me their full attention, it may be them, not me.  (It’s hard for people to stay focused!)
  • Meet in the middle –> healthy boundary meshed with trust and expression of self
  • No questioning the teaching/the teacher — What??
  • Intuitive Report connection is making sense — Seeing more and more the need to be correct and the need for affirmation outside of self
  • Sooo many dreams, so little interpretation –> start a personal dream glossary!
  • Visualization is coming? Yay!

And in closing, the light-sharing hug at the end of Metaphysics class was fabulous!

May you discover your true selves and be filled with love and light. 🙂

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