"Nice Sun Ray In Cave" courtesy of wiangya / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

“Nice Sun Ray In Cave” courtesy of wiangya / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

So, who is the one who decided to try to stay away from weekly commitments and to try to leave her schedule open for her next job, and then proceeded to register for a Wednesday night weekly class that may last for the rest of the year or longer?  (Who??? This girl!)

I’m talking about classes for the School of Metaphysics.  I hesitated to get involved at first, but I quickly realized that this class was possibly exactly what I was looking for because:

#1 I had just told my spiritual guides: “Hey!  I’m told you want us to ask you for help.  So — I’m asking you for help!  HERE IT IS!  HELP! Oh, and, please also help me to understand at the time that you’re trying to help me that you are indeed at that moment trying to help me; i.e. help me to recognize the signs for that . . . make it obvious. . .  please. . .  I’m a beginner. . . Thank you. . .”

#2 This class was covering topics I was already very interested in and had already begun studying, such as dream analysis, concentration, meditation, and intuition.  (Check! . . .Mmmhmm. . . Check . . . check! :-))

#3 The class promised to help me learn to use the power of attraction and hone in my concentration so that I could identify my desires and goals and bring them to me (i.e. attract my future job, right? — Bingo!)

#4 The class was in a convenient location: 20-25 minutes from my house, and it was a non-profit organization, so the cost each week would just be $20 (to cover rent and maintenance for the building, otherwise it’s all volunteer).

And my first class was great!  I’ve started my mirror exercises and daily dream analysis.  I’ve already bonded with our small group of students, and we all know that the universe meant us to be there in that class.  It’s gonna be an awesome ride.  More to follow. . .

If you live in the area and you’re interested in these topics, too, join me for the next class!  This coming Wednesday night is the official start of this round of classes, and they told us to invite you! So, please message me for more info.  (Or for a list of locations near you and their contact information, click here.)


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