8 Spanish-Related Videos That’ll Make You Giggle

"Child Is Laughing" courtesy of Stuart Miles/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net
“Child Is Laughing” courtesy of Stuart Miles/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net

My 5th grade Spanish class has earned enough stickers for their end-of-the-year fiesta AND THEN SOME.  So, as an extra reward, they will get bonus movie minutes at the end of class.   Last week I showed them a favorite that I’d seen at a workshop (#1 below), and then today I scrounged around Youtube looking for more.   I’ve linked to some of my favorites here, some that I plan on showing tomorrow, and some that did not make the kid-friendly cut.  Here they are in David Letterman “Top 10” style from Least to Most Favorite.

#8 Ser — to be (Funny Spanish Song)

Not my favorite, but catchy!  Useful to help with conjugating a common Spanish verb, too.

#7 Como Eres? Rap

A little more advanced, but still repetitive and catchy.  May be a useful introduction or conclusion to a descriptive adjective lesson.

#6: How to Learn Spanish (Funny Videos)

A cute comedian clip.   Unfortunately, I haven’t seen Dora, so the references were lost on me.  But the kids should get it. . . Also, there’s one alcoholic reference, but hopefully they won’t get that. . .

#5: Learning Spanish

A cute, short, kid-friendly comedian clip.  I was disappointed by the derogatory/suggestive/obscene language that popped up with other comedians.  I was like “Oh!  This is funny!  Wait. . . .  darn it.”

#4: Learn to Speak Spanish Quickly with Funny Videos on Youtube

Such a clever idea!  Some of our favorite crazy youtube videos (like the talking and fighting cats) combines with learning Spanish!  (passes the kid-friendly test just barely due to the dancing girl).

#3: One Semester of Spanish Love Song

Remember those beginning phrases you learned in Spanish? Here they are put to the tune of a love song.   There’s also the 2nd Semester of Spanish, Spanish Love Song, but that one didn’t make the kid-friendly cut. Also, I had to look up who Erik Estrada was . . .

#2: Que Hora Es?

This movie is HILARIOUS.  This is like #2 but in telenovela (Spanish soap opera) form. I wish I could show it to my students, but it’s more for adults.  Part 2 is just as hilarious, if not more so!

#1: I Love Lucy: English Pronunciation

This movie passed the kid-friendly cut.  I first saw it in one of the SIOP workshops I attended last year, and I loved it.  The reference to Spanish reference doesn’t come until the end, but it’s great for the kids to see their language from another perspective (as Ricky struggles with the many different pronunciations for the same English vowels).  Here are some other great I Love Lucy episodes that focus on Lucy learning Spanish that didn’t quite pass the cut: Lucy Tries to Speak Spanish and I Love Lucy- Ricky Translates for Lucy .

I hope you enjoyed these!  Which was your favorite?

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