One Day

Woke at 6

Wide awake

Stayed in bed

Slept in a bit

Shake for breakfast

Packin’ Lunch

Runnin’ Late

Should’ve Gotten Up.

Parked in Back

To be on time

To open doors for little ones

And wave the kids in, parents on.

Went back for purse. . .

Keys in purse. . .

Purse in car

No keys!

Small panic. . .

Rising. . .

Call mom. . .

“Do I have keys?

Checks for keys.

Calls me back.

Has keys!

On sidewalk

Lookin’ for Mom

Gonna be ok.  Then. . .

Big hug for Mom with keys!

Rush to room.

Take down chairs.

Write up goals.

Make a copy.

“Missed the announcement??” —

“No Internet!”

Goodbye 1st period plans.

We’ll make do.

We make do.

Period over.  “Internet is back!” Sigh.

Rush for copies!

Next period: Them: “Why why why?”

Me: “Whine whine whine!”

Next period: Fantastic presentations! 🙂 Pleasant, pleasant surprises!

Lunch!(But deal with  issue first.)

Stomach in knots.  Afternoons = long and hard.

Next period: Internet for you!

Researchin’ great, but “Hey! Focus!”

Next period: Rough beginning; self-esteem takes hit.  Happy ending.

Next period: You’re all goofy, too?


Drivin’ for more.  (Yay for car!)

Tutoring 2!

Tutoring 3!

Still low.  Ready for home.

Subbing for softball?  Rain out?

I’m not needed!


Dinner from the honey.

Grape juice with a little somethin’ somethin’.

Succumb to Facebook

Make this post.

Busy weekend looms ahead.

Night night! Time for dreamin’.

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