"Blue Sky Sun Beam Over Sea" courtesy of khunaspix/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net

“Blue Sky Sun Beam Over Sea” courtesy of khunaspix/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Leaders, you make a difference!  I felt so much love for my principal today.  I talked over a challenge I was having with one of my classes and also talked about my resignation, and she encouraged me, advised me, and affirmed me (and all within 15 minutes!)  She gave me hope for the future and helped me not feel like such a lost loser:  “Do you know you’re a good teacher?”  I know I don’t want to be a classroom teacher anymore, but it means so much to me to know that my best effort has been noticed and appreciated by the school.  They say a teacher can make or break a child’s day — well, teachers need encouragement, too!  Thank you to my fantastic boss for clearing away my cloudy sky and letting the light shine through again.

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