Last Week

"Yellow Sign Of Road In Water" courtesy of winnond/

“Yellow Sign Of Road In Water” courtesy of winnond/

I haven’t written in half a week, and it’s hard getting back in the saddle.  I’m quite a bit rusty.  I’m also attempting this blog at 11 at night, while Hunger Games plays in the background.  Sometimes you just need to put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard.  I’m already impressed with Hunger Games.  I hadn’t intended to watch it yet — I thought I might eventually read the books first — but Brian found it on Amazon Prime and put it on.

So, the reason I didn’t blog Thursday night, or any night since then is because I was trying to combat the water flooding my basement. My dad told me once that he made sure he bought a house without a basement because he wasn’t going to live in another house with a flooding basement.  I made a basement one of my deal breakers because I feared tornadoes.  I guess the jury’s still out on which was more important because I’ve had both a tornado warning and some flooding since I’ve lived here.

It wasn’t so bad, though, only half an inch of standing water.  I know there were people who had it much worse.  All we really lost were the rugs.  The worst part was not knowing what was wrong.  We cleaned up all of the water that first night, but it was back the next morning.  Water was seeping in through spots along every wall, and I feared the whole foundation was falling apart.  As it turns out, one of our two sump pumps wasn’t working.  Once Brian’s dad fixed it, the water stayed back.

It’s weird being in the middle of a mini-disaster.  I’d seen major flooding on TV, but never so much water in my own front yard.  The river by our house completely flooded, turning our circular walking path into a lake.  The road leading to the canoe launch became a winding river that crept toward the house.  The roads surrounding my subdivision began to flood, too.  I feared being locked in by water.

Well, time has passed, the sun came out,  the water is slowly receding, and my basement got a new makeover.  After I pulled my teaching supplies — books and some word work– out from under the stairs to air them out, I realized I wanted to leave them out.  I knew that they would just sit there taking up space if I kept them hidden away.  So, I found a bunch of the similar black crates and stacked them by twos to make some nice bookshelves along the wall.  I also stacked the crates of materials up against another wall.  The ornaments, empty boxes, old camping gear, and luggage went back under the stairs.

Well, now it’s past midnight and the movie is nearly over.  I bid you adieu.

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