"Hand Holds Dollars" courtesy of Sujin Jetkasettakorn / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

“Hand Holds Dollars” courtesy of Sujin Jetkasettakorn / FreeDigitalPhotos.net


I had a few disturbing dreams early this morning.  People talk about “waking up on the wrong side of the bed,” and that could mean waking up at a weird point in one’s sleep cycle or just having whack-a-doodle dreams like the ones I sometimes have, leaving me with one of those sour “What the heck was that?” aftertastes.  In one dream my friend was criticizing things I had been doing or saying, and I completely flipped out on her, telling her she was entirely too sensitive.  Then I had a dream that I was out at some restaurant/food court/YMCA?  place, and I had left my purse by my table (maybe to check out the pool?), and unfortunately, everyone else had gotten up, too, and as I headed back, I spotted a woman going through my purse.  She ran off before I got to her, and I frantically checked through everything, but nothing seemed to be missing.


I got to see the most gorgeous room today.  No, it didn’t have fabulous decor, and it wasn’t huge and spacious.  It was the upper floor of my local library branch, and it was wonderful.  It was LIT; light was everywhere. Not only were there many overhead lights in the room (white walls, too), but the room was full of windows looking out on the various ceiling lights of the level below.  It was daytime at 8:00 at night.

So, now I have officially decided that my house feels like a black hole because it is.  Of course, not literally, but it lacks light.  If we get any sun on any given day, I run around the house, yanking the shades up from every window, and I can feel my mood begin to lift.  I think we need a light fixture in the middle of our living room.  Or else 10 more lamps.

66 Million Dollars

I’d never played the lottery before, but when I was pumping gas and saw the total for the Mega Millions was 66 million, — my magic number — I decided to go for it.  Of course, I didn’t win — didn’t match even one ball —  which is why I’m writing this portion of today’s blog instead of packing for Hawaii.  But it’s good to know that I have set plans, should the fortunate event come to pass.

Said plan: after we accounted for taxes, etc, Brian would help me figure out how much we could put away/invest so that we would be set for life (including travel desires and workshop/classes, etc).  We would quickly move to Hawaii or California — Hawaii to study with my favorite shaman Serge King, or California to be close to my uncle and Deepak Chopra.  (Or volcanoes vs. earthquakes, or beautiful scenery and weather vs. beautiful scenery and weather.)  We would then make sure our parents and grandparents were completely set up and help out our friends and family, considering need.  With the rest, we would donate it to Rolling Jubilee and the Gerson Institute and invest in Prosper or the like.

And then we would live out our days on our huge ranch with our humongous organic garden, our various fruit trees, our free range chickens, and as many homeless cats and dogs that we could comfortably fit in our house.  Brian would have his Shaklee; I would be a blissful disciple of healing — afterwards, practitioner — traveling the world and sharing my new found knowledge and ability, eternally happy until the end of our days.

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  1. Thank you for making me giggle. Great blog 😉

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