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"Magnifying Glass" courtesy of winnond/

“Magnifying Glass” courtesy of winnond/

I originally titled this post “If Books Could Talk”, but then I got to thinking: “What if books could talk?  What would that be like?”  So, I saved it for later.

Purpose: To impart wisdom through stories and advice.

Hypothesis: If I accept that I create my own destiny and choose my own perspective, then I will choose faith and happiness and live in peace for the rest of my days.

Materials: Old Man Attitude; Fannie Flagg’s Can’t Wait to Get to Heaven; Ralph L. Wahlstrom’s The Tao of Writing; Serge Kahili King’s Urban Shaman

Procedure: 1. Be exposed to excellent literature through my grandpa, my library book club, and recommendations from Writer’s Digest and my life purpose coach.  2. Read pivotal parts of said literature all at the exact same time, which happens to be your period of doubt and despair.  3. Take the hint that the universe is trying to work with you.  4. Follow its advice.

Results: The first two texts (short anecdote and novel) eerily echoed the exact same message: life is what you make of it, so choose to be happy.  I noted this and was heartened.  The third text mirrored what I’d been finding in my own writing practice — a need to find my special writing place (the kitchen table), free of clutter and open to the rest of the house — which happens to be the same area the author had chosen for himself.  He also talked about the importance of using enjoyable supplies, which I’ve been thinking about.   Everything in the 4th text resonates with me.  Eventually I will devote an entire post to it.  Most recently King wrote on the futility of criticism, resulting in me exclaiming — “You mean, my struggle with constructive criticism is normal and in vane?”

Conclusion: I have decided today that I choose faith.  I relinquish control and needing to know what will happen tomorrow.  I do the best I can today and trust that the future will take care of itself, and the universe will take care of me.

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