"Happy People Jumping" courtesy of Vlado / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

“Happy People Jumping” courtesy of Vlado / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

1.  Sometimes it’s ok to quit.  Saturday I was doing Zumba on the XBox.  The mix had a bunch of difficult songs in them (i.e.. including a lot of belly-dancing moves, a lot of fancy footwork, turning to the sides and around, or worse — all of the above); and I was getting 3-4 stars instead of my more recent 5’s.  My energy was low, and I was angry, frustrated, and miserable.  So I stopped.  I had made it through 6 or 7 songs, which was around 20 minutes.  It was not a great workout, but it was good enough for one day, and by stopping I kept myself from never wanting to do Zumba again.

2. Sometimes you have to finish. On the other hand, today I picked Zumba up again and attempted the same routine.  My energy was better, and I thought I was following the instructors better — but I was still getting low scores.  Was it because I hadn’t eaten yet?  Or a problem with the Kinect sensor?  It didn’t matter.  Because this time I knew I was going to finish.  I was going to settle for my 4-star average so that I could check this routine off my list.  And hopefully I would improve on those difficult songs a little more for next time they popped up.  So, I made my way through it and got a good workout.

3. Everyone needs exercise!  Last week I was talking with someone about how I need those laps inside the school building, how I really need the exercise.  Then I got the up-and-down once over and the Youdon’t need exercise!”  I know where she was coming from, and I know how I may have come across, but the point I want to make is — I absolutely do need exercise!  Everyone does!  Why should big people have all the fun??  I think we have this mentality as a society (and I can be included in this) that only people who aren’t skinny need exercise.  That’s crazy talk!  I have always had a slimmer build, but that doesn’t mean that I’ve always been healthy.  I feel great physically these days, but I know it’s because I’m making a point to exercise daily  as much as possible.  Though my weight very rarely ever fluctuates, when I don’t exercise, I am miserable and lethargic — or miserable and pent-up, just as much as any other person of any other body type.  There is no point that any person can arrive to and say: “Ah!  Great!  Done!  No need to exercise anymore.”

So, go on, then!  Do your thing!  Keep up the great work!

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  1. Well done explanation. I could not of done better myself!

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