Game Shoppe Newbie

"Golden Chinese Dragon" courtesy of anekoho /

“Golden Chinese Dragon” courtesy of anekoho /

I love games: board games, card games, roleplaying, etc.  But strategy board games have always freaked me out.  I’m not a huge fan of chess, though I’m intrigued.  I’ve never touched Risk, and I don’t like Monopoly (I stink).  And the games that are played at game shops seem to be written in another language (and I don’t just mean Elvish).

I had my first experience playing at a game shop yesterday at The Wandering Dragon.  Brian wanted to check out a Battlestar Galactica game session that would be happening that night.  I knew how long games can run, and I had a lot of grading to do, so I agreed to watch a little, but I didn’t want to play.  Just a quick one hour in, and then I needed to get home to do some more schoolwork.  Plus, I’m an introvert in life and in the game.  I like to observe and understand my surroundings, rather than dive right in.  And I HATE to look stupid or incompetent, so I prefer to know what I’m doing when I begin to play.

Unfortunately, the last two players were AWOL, so we got sucked into the game.  Fortunately, for Brian, that is, but unfortunately for me, who was worried I was going to spend the rest of the evening playing a drawn-out, complicated strategy game in a noisy, crowded room in which everyone’s table but ours was indulging in pizza or similar fast food, while my stomach rumbled and threatened to scream anarchy and gorge out on every food I’d promised myself I wouldn’t eat anymore.

But it was fine.  Because the game was somewhat fun for a strategy game  — maybe because I’m pretty familiar with the Galactica series – even though I couldn’t really hear any of the directions or any of the actions and had absolutely no idea what I was doing.  AND the two no-shows finally showed up to take our place, and Brian finally relinquished his place so we could leave.  (I, on the other hand, leapt up from my seat multiple times and practically pulled the latecomer into my chair.)

So, the players seemed nice, the shop looked fantastic – I hope it does well! – and the game had some potential.  Hopefully I can get accustomed to my new workschedule and actually come ready to play next time.  Maybe I’ll even try to be a Cylon!

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