Re-Lost in Good Books

"Open Book" courtesy of digitalart/

“Open Book” courtesy of digitalart/

I forgot how much I enjoyed reading.  Especially fiction books.  When I was  younger, I only read fiction books, but the last few years I’ve been reading mostly non-fiction.  But as much as I enjoy non-fiction, you can’t get lost in non-fiction, like you can in fiction.  I don’t think too many people start an informational book and stay up all night reading it because they can’t bear to wait for the ending.

What do most people in book clubs choose to read?  Fiction.  So, as much as I’ve tried to make reading purely educational, my social groups have encouraged me to become mesmerized by it again.  Don’t get me wrong — I still LOVE non-fiction.  However, now I’ve fallen back in love with fiction, too.

During my break I was determined to read as many of my 2013 book club books as I could (they post the list ahead of time), as long as I thought I might actually enjoy each book.  I eliminated a murder mystery, a historical documentation of a serial killer (though I may come back to that one, if I’m feeling brave), and a book that just looked boring (though I might come back to that one when I’ve finished all the rest).

Here are the books that I’ve read so far:

  1. The Forgotten Garden
  2. The Red Tent
  3. Let’s Pretend This Never Happened
  4. 13 Reasons Why
  5. Gods Behaving Badly

Next Up: Middlesex

To read within the next month:

  1. The Elegance of the Hedgehog
  2. The Friday Night Knitting Club

I’ve enjoyed something about each of them.  The Forgotten Garden was my least favorite, but I liked the overall story and the fairy-tales infused without.  Let’s Pretend This Never Happened was my favorite, and I’ve even started following her blog.  And I thought the other three were extremely creative — one for taking a classic text and creating a whole new story, one for its experimentation with a cassette tape dialog, and one for taking on gods on an entirely different level.   I’m looking forward to reading the next three!  (*Also, I just read Safe Haven before that, and I was surprised how much I enjoyed it.  Excellent sentence fluency.  Couldn’t put it down.)   ((**Also, also, I’m sorry I haven’t mentioned the authors of each of those books.  Not paying much attention to the authors is a weakness of mine that I’m unfortunately not ready to correct yet.))

Comments on: "Re-Lost in Good Books" (2)

  1. Your blog was just suggested to me because of your recent yoga post. I wanted to let you know that Middlesex is a fabulous book! I enjoyed it so much, and I’ve been meaning to read the Red Tent for years. Anyway, I like your blog and will be following. Namaste!

    • Great! Thank you for following! I do recommend Red Tent. I’m finding Middlesex interesting, but it’s taking me a long time to get through it. Did it start slow for you, too?

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