“Hands Giving A Gift” by David Castillo 

It seems harder and harder to find volunteers and people for the area of service these days.  But is part of that our own fault?

Have the demands we’ve put on these potential volunteers pushed them away?

Someone in my family wanted to return to teaching CCD after a brief hiatus– he had taught for at least 10 years before that —  but found it difficult to make the “Protecting God’s Children” trainings.

I myself gave up two opportunities because of the inconvenience they posed.  This year I opted out of a volunteer position teaching ESL to adults because I would be charged a fee for the training.  Later in the year I decided against subbing part-time for a nearby school district when I found out I would need a physical and to get fingerprinted again (besides the usual 40-page application packet).  What if I spent the $100 or more and the many hours of time filling out that application, and I ended up not even liking it?

It’s not simply enough now to show up and get to helping.  The sins of some of those who have gone before us have created a paranoid society, who now understandably seeks to be safer than sorrier.

But where are our volunteers?  Do our extra walls and protections end up discouraging the people we need most?

Comments on: "Volunteering & Service Jobs: More Trouble Than Their Worth?" (2)

  1. I think you have nailed it! Yes, once we could simply give our gift of self and take pleasure from it now, it’s only with a rather self-conscious sense of duty. Sterilizing our gifts has certainly taken the life–literally–out of it.

    • Thank you! I wondered if others felt the same way. I know some places still take volunteers without all the fuss, but sometimes they are hard to find!

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