“Time And Now” by sheelamohan 

I get frustrated because I remember having moments of great peacefulness and great happiness, and I don’t feel like I have them in this present moment.  Something is off.

But I know things have changed for the better.  I’m aware of whether I’m present or not more often; this is a great thing.

And, anyway, why worry about the past?  The past is over!

All I can seem to think about is how much I want tomorrow to be done.  I want to concentrate on getting ready for this holiday weekend.  And tomorrow is going to be a LONG day.  And when I mean, long, I mean LOOOOOONG.  14 hours (or 13 hours, if I don’t include driving, but I do).

I will persevere!  I will focus on each moment.  I will appreciate the moments of silence and stillness throughout the day, because otherwise I know what will happen when I get to that day after tomorrow: I will already be looking ahead, focused on the next great thing.

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