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Things that I got done that I have not given myself credit for:

  • Getting the house clean enough for my family to come over.
  • Getting all grading done and grades updated on-line by the end of Friday, as planned.
  • Giving my first writing workshop.
  • Getting caught up on all my mail: work, yahoo, and gmail.  (Still have a lot of writing e-mails to look through, but got through A LOT.)
  • Finishing Mentalist so that I can give it back to Mom tomorrow (library copy).
  • Exercising 4 times this week!  (No, I did not do them all on the planned days, but I did 4 days!  Sunday, Monday, Friday, and Saturday.)
  • Voting.
  • Getting some fresh air on 2 beautiful days.
  • Getting the litterbox emptied out and putting in all fresh litter.
  • Writing!
  • Trying to make my life easier and succeeding.
  • Experimenting with changing negative predictions to positive ones, and succeeding.
  • Making it through 6 daily sessions of the 21-Day Meditation Challenge!
  • Sitting here and eating arugula out of a bag.  (Yes, it’s weird, but I’m feeling lazy, and at least it’s healthy!)
  • Introducing myself on the Chicago Writer’s Group on yahoo groups.
  • Buying myself a special new journal
  • Going out to a movie and dinner (yes, reversed!) with my fiancée.
  • Taking Shaklee GLA Complex to try to regulate my mood swings.
  • Taking my multivitamins, Neutriferon, and Vivix daily (or as soon as I remember!)
  • Trying out a new book club book.
  • Drinking more water.
  • Allowing myself a day free of work (unless sifting through e-mail counts as work?)
  • Practicing the lying-on-my-back, legs-against-the-wall stretch for my legs and lower back that my yoga teacher recommended to me.
  • Trying an alternative route home to avoid the crazy return traffic.
  • Being up-to date on bills and errands.
  • Writing this post!

I think that should do it for today!  I’m already feeling great!

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