A New Month

“Road In The Park” Image courtesy of coward_lion / FreeDigitalPhotos.net 


Summer is coming to a close.

I regretted it at first . . . because of the sudden change in temperature.

But now I see how beautiful it is, this beginning of Fall.

My flowers, who I thought were dead, have grown, flourished, and multiplied, and they praise the sun with their vibrant, multi-colored gorgeousness.

The sun beams reach into the living room, but they are welcome now.  They give a pleasant warmth to the light coolness of the house.

I am grateful for this change in season, and I am grateful for the changing seasons of my life.

I am coming into my own now.

I am leaving behind a life of “shoulds” and “ought to”s and finding a life of peace and purpose.  I’m learning to listen to myself and value my needs and wants.

I’m grateful that I relied on myself to make an important decision yesterday.  I listened to myself, I sought advice from the spiritual world, and I made my decision.  And I felt contentment, and increasingly so, when I discovered the universe was sending me signs that confirmed my choice.

I am much, much, much happier right now than I was at this time last year.  And I am extremely grateful.

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