GPS & Life Coaching

Have you ever played Apples to Apples and dealt with those annoying double-subject cards: “death & taxes”, “salt& pepper”, “apples & oranges”. . .  etc?   I think I dumped most of those cards.  So, then “GPS & Life Coaching”?. . .  Yes, I’m really grateful for this particular double- subject.  It has given my life direction — map direction & life direction.

My GPS was one of the best purchases I have ever made.  Do you know how sometimes you don’t take action in your life until something — or you —  begins to fall apart?  Well, this was happening to me when trying to get somewhere for the first time.  I had a couple of incidences in a row where I was driving somewhere new and got completely lost.  When I became increasingly more frequently on the verge of nervous breakdowns, I knew something had to be done.  So, I got my GPS, and I’ve driven happily ever after, ever since.  Now, I do sometimes still get lost or lose direction, but. . .  then my wonderful, flexible GPS lady readjusts and gets me right back on track.

Cindy from “Purposed Lives”  has also gotten me on track.  She’s helped me begin to explore  myself , so I can find who I really am, what I want to do, and how to reopen that creative part of myself.  Do you ever get cranky and agitated when you haven’t eaten for a while?  Your body is telling you that you’re not getting what you need, right?  I’ve begun to realize that I’ve done the same with my creative side, and maybe even with my life purpose.  I’ve starved myself of the things I want to do and am meant to do, and thus, I’ve become a cranky, irritable person who feels empty and envies the happiness of others.  Working with Cindy has not only opened me up to ideas I’d never considered before, but our weekly check-ins have given me an accountability that helps me place importance on the things I didn’t really appreciate before.

After spending a lifetime being lost, it feels great to know where I’m going!


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