Today I’m grateful for “unperfection.”  I’ve become more aware of my life obsession with perfection, and I am now grateful that my life actually isn’t perfect!

The funny thing is, I don’t even know what “perfect” means.  I think I feel I’ve been striving to make things perfect: get the A’s, say the right things at the right times, make people like me, make the “right” choices. . .   And I think I feel psychologically that I’ve been achieving this overall.  But I know realistically that I’m not.

It’s impossible to make everyone like me, and it’s not worth compromising who I really am, anyway.  And, sometimes I’m not going to get that “A”, and that’s fine!  Even if I don’t pass the class, I can take it again.  I can do something else. If I had an awkward goodbye, I’ll still see them again!  The hardest part is believing that I’m doing everything perfectly, and then feeling like my life is crashing down when something happens that doesn’t fit into my perfect plan.

So, this year I resolve to make mistakes.  I’m not going to try to purposefully “screw up,” but I’m going to take life as it comes, whether it fits with my perfect plan or not.  I’m living a life of unperfection, and that really does seem perfect!

Image: FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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