Grateful for Being Here

I’m grateful for getting excited about things.  I’m really trying to keep my attitude positive, and today I decided to look at this summer’s experience as an adventure.  It really is a new adventure.  And isn’t that really why we’re here on Earth?  To explore, to learn, and to support others as we all go about our journeys?

I am grateful that I am alive and healthy and able to be here to continue exploring.

Today I went to my first Joliet networking experience, and they happened to have a workshop today on interviews.  That’s exactly what I needed!  And when I was there, a fellow networker mentioned a local job fair  that I had seen on-line, but had forgotten about.  It listed some places that I’m interested in and have been meaning to contact.  Awesome!

I also finally got a text from the library that some books came in (Dr. Wayne Dyer books), so I have those now to work on my spiritual growth  (Yay!).  And I have a phone advisory appointment in a half hour with a woman from last week’s workshop, who I really connected with.  (So, hopefully I’ll be posting about that tomorrow!)

In closing, I am also grateful for my spinach, mixed cheese, avocado taco and the organic whole milk yogurt that I had for lunch today.  Hit the spot.

What are you grateful for today?


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