Vacation Day?

Today I am first grateful for not having any events planned.  I think this may be my first “real” vacation day.  However, I’m thinking this “vacation day” must be a frightening, impossible concept for me, because as I type this, I’m already trying to make plans to go to Starved Rock with some friends. . . sigh.  And it really won’t be a day off anyway —  I’m planning on using it to practice for the musical and clean up the office.  ::sigh; again::  But, there’s nothing like worry to bring a good day down, so getting these things out of the way will help immensely toward maintaining peace of mind.  Maybe I’ll even get some “don’t wanna’s” done today. . .


I am also grateful for a lack of drama in my life.  Stress?  Oh, yes.  But stress from drama?  Not really.  Yesterday I met with some friends, and I had a feeling gossip would be involved.  (It is practically inevitable with a big group of people.)  And though the information was definitely interesting — if not awkward and uncomfortable at times– I realized I could have done without it.  There are some things that I’m just happier not knowing.  So, I’m also grateful for minimal levels of drama stress in my life.

Job Stuff and Self-Exploration

And again, I am grateful for the Naperville Community Career Center.  I’ve been coming out of my shell a little bit and am networking with more people.  I’m also learning some really interesting things at their workshops.  Yesterday I went to a workshop by Cindy Dove (Purposed Lives) about “life energies” called Interviewing Your Inner Self.  She says that there are 3 Energies: “Aliveness,” “Truth,” and “Workability.”  We have all three, but we have a different hierarchy of how they are manifested in our lives.  According to Cindy (using her nifty-difty cheat sheet that she gave us), “Aliveness Energy” makes you “an innovator” with a “positive outlook” and a “zest for living.”  You are “enthusiastic,” “visible,” “spontaneous,” “compassionate,” “open,” “sharing,” and “vibrant.”  A person with “Truth Energy” is “a seeker” who is “analytical,” “sees the whole picture,” and is “introspective.”  She is “observant,” “sincere,” “attentive,” “understanding,” “knowing,” “quiet,” serious,” and “gentle.”  Finally, the person with “Workability Energy” is “a realist” who is “oriented to success,” “committed,” and “motivated by challenge.”  She is “focused,” “responsible,” “productive,” “steadfast,” “companionable,” “organized,” “competent,” and “reliable.”

For me, my strongest energy is “Truth Energy,” followed by “Aliveness,” and finally, “Workability.”  I have seen all three in my life, but “Truth Energy” is definitely the most natural.  We were split into three groups by what we thought were our most prominent energies, and it was really interesting to see and hear the differences between the groups.  The best parts of the session were: recognizing that there are other people who are like us, being able to understand why we are the way we are, and knowing that we are ok!


I am so grateful for sleep.  I looove sleep.  I love it so much that I may indulge in it for a bit after my morning breakfast smoothie settles.  I tell you, I matured fast when it came to sleep.  I am a huge fan of the nap, and I do not like to get less than my needed allotment of hours each night. (And that’s 8.5 hours for me!)  These days, with all the new activity happening around me, the analogy “hit by a truck” makes perfect sense to me as I drag myself out of bed each morning.

Have a wonderful day, everyone!  Be well.


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