I’m a Writer! (and Believing in Oneself)

I just jumped onto Jeff Goin’s “15 Habits of Great Writers” Challenge” , and I’ve gotta catch up!  Day 1 is proclaiming to the world that I’m a writers, so there it is!  I also double-checked my social media profiles.  I added “writer” to Facebook and saw that my Twitter (TeriLari) already has that down.

Every day I think about how important believing in myself and being confident is.  I keep thinking “If I could just. . .”  But I think the important thing is just to give myself a break.  To just let go. . .  if I am riding myself all of the time, criticizing myself at every turn, how is THAT going to help anything?  I have 3  spiritual books that I keep in the bathroom, and one is 10 Secrets for Success and Inner Peace by Dr. Wayne Dyer.  The last time I picked it up I flipped to the chapter: “You Can’t Give Away What You Don’t Have”.  (I always seem to open up to the right page.)   If I am full of self-criticism, that is all that I have away.  And that is NOT who I want to be.

Seriously, I had to laugh when I heard myself think this morning while walking Bowser: “Good God, Teri,  you can’t be in the moment, can you?  You can’t stay focused for a second!”  Geez!  Lighten up, self!  How can I possibly relax when I have my own ego breathing down my neck every second?  So, my goal is going to be to take a chill pill.  If I find myself off track,I’ll  just be aware of it, and refocus. . . even if it’s for a second!  That’s fine!

And back to writing: I think I want to write children’s stories.  I already have one that I wrote in high school that I like;  I just need to figure out how best to present it to a publisher and WHO to send it, too.  And then I want to keep writing. . . more and more and more.  And I’m going to start journaling every day.  Or at least having writing time, time where I just sit and let myself think, and then write what comes.  I think I have some crazy ideas that I’ve squelched because I thought they were nuts.  All this stifling has shut me off.  Time to open the floodgates!

Image courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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