Sunday the 13th

I start this Mother’s Day with  a brief bit of ingratitude.  For the wonderfully free weekend that I quickly lost to rehearsal, a softball double-header, and extended visits with family.  The peaceful end to my restless week became extremely . . . and fretfully. . . eventful.

But I end it with gratitude to my mother.  And to my almost mother-in-law.  I thank my almost-mom for giving me her son, who is my beam of strength, despite our mutual current life struggles.  I thank her for accepting me quickly and warmly into her house and for accepting me as I am.

And I thank my own mother.  Though we have frequently butt heads as we struggled for control, and though I know that I will never share a bond like the one she and my sister share, I know that she does — and always will –  love me unconditionally.   She is the faithful, wise listener who I know I can always turn to and who always knows exactly what to say.

I love you, Mom.  I’m glad that I have you as my mother.

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