Ode to Technology

I’ve been quite frustrated with technology lately  — including issues with my iPod voice recorder that I was going to use for this post. . . However, I am also trying to be more positive.

So, I’ve decided to use my gratitude resolution to appreciate the technology in my life.

I’m grateful for. . .


the alarm clock that wakes me up in the morning. (Truly!)

the water heater that heats my shower water.

the blow dryer that keeps my hair from looking awful.


the oven that heats my eggs and the microwave that heats my hashbrowns.

the blender that mixes my soy milk, yogurt, strawberries, and Cinch into a yummy smoothie.

the refrigerator that keeps all that food cool before I eat it.


the garage door opener that lifts that heavy double-door.

the computer that lets me check the traffic before I even leave the house.

the car that gets me to work.

the traffic lights that keep me accident-free.


the electronic key that gets me in the building.

the work computer that keeps me connected.

the Elmo and projector that help me model for my students.

the Smart Board that makes the lessons more fun.


the phone that I use to check in with Brian after another yet another afterschool meeting.

the iPod that I use to record my musings in the car.


and this computer I use to share this writing with you.


Image: digitalart / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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