Yes, so I’m an introvert.  Don’t get me wrong, I love people.  I like being around people.  But I have those introverted tendencies: I don’t like small talk; I get tired after being around people and need to recharge, etc etc.

When one is trying to figure out what to do in life and needs to make connections, it becomes tricky, being an introvert who also doesn’t like to ask for help.

Today I wanted to smack my head, looking over the events of the day.  I did branch out and take a leap, and visited a career center and went to a job fair today.  (I almost chickened out on the second one, but I pushed myself ahead, and I’m glad I went.)  But looking back, I realize things could have gone better.   My posture was slouched.  I could have made more eye contact.  I didn’t get names.  I didn’t have questions in mind ahead of time.    (I began by hovering around people who were already asking questions and eavesdropping on their questions.)  And at the career center I spoke so softly I might as well have had laryngitis.

But, I had some definite “Yay!”s:

  • I went!  I risked!  I practiced! That’s the first step, right?
  • I learned!  Among other things, I learned that LinkedIn is super important — the career center stressed it, and immediately upon walking into the job fair, I heard one of the employers at a table asking “Are you on LinkedIn?”
  • I set up a career counseling appointment for next week.  I hope I get someone who is a good match.  I’m already thinking positive thoughts. . .

It was interesting which areas I was drawn to in the Job Fair.  Not a huge surprise to me, but still interesting:

  • Joliet Junior College — What can I say — there’s an educator in me, even if I’m just hanging around educators!
  • A Forest Preserve — What’s not to like about nature?  Didn’t sound like they had any positions I would fit into, though.
  • Senior Living  — This actually sounds like great work for me.  I’m not sure that I could make enough, but I would love to work with the elderly, especially those who are semi-self-sufficient and just need the little bit of help
  • Clerical work: I like to type and to file . . and I like computers. . .

(Aside:I watched a great clip from GYA today’s blog about Zig Ziglar: The Zig. It put things in perspective for me again today, and it reminded me a lot of me, like in my Just Do It — Be Happy! post. )

Well, it’s always good to know what’s out there.  Where do I go from here?  A little bit of work every day.  This was a great day for me.  Now I’ve gotta keep at it by getting into a regular routine.  That will be my next post. . .

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