Today I am grateful for. . .

  • remembering some basic guitar (just like getting back on a bike!) and having a great lesson with my Dad
  • having self-control and not overeating at Easter (maybe only slightly this time)
  • a nice little nap after an Easter meal
  •  lying on the couch, meditating on a perfect view of a vibrant yellow green tree, peeking through the window
  • time with family
  • awkward questions about my religious status that keep me on my toes
  • great food!
  • friends who are looking out for me during my time of change
  • new friends and old friends and GAMES!  (I LOVE games.)
  • Easter chocolate. . .
  • a great boyfriend
  • hope
  • crazy dreams about tornadoes and houses (yes, again!) that remind me to look inward and keep onward — change is coming!
  • gorgeous weather
  • doing weights for the first time in weeks and not losing a lot of ground!
  • yoga tonight (need it badly!)
  • monthly conversations and spiritual discussions with my favorite uncle
  • music — itunes has changed my world and taken me back down memory lane oh, so many times.
  • plans for getting some great fresh air and sunshine with some good people at one of the most beautiful parks in Illinois — Starved Rock

Have a wonderful day, everyone.

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