After Today

I had a SIOP workshop today (Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol). It was the 4th of 5. And I really enjoyed it today. I was focused and invigorated the entire workshop, and I really enjoyed everything I learned. It made me think. . . Maybe Brian and my friends were right — maybe I am a teacher, afterall.  I mean, if I can get excited about this stuff. . .  doesn’t that say something?  But I know I can’t turn back.  Just because I’m a teacher does not mean that I should stay where I am.   So, now I’m thinking about tutoring again.  Imagine being able to apply these great things that I’ve learned, but one-on-one, in a home, with no papers to grade or homework to give!  Maybe I’m just looking for the right situation.  So, that’s the direction I’m going to take next.  I know I will find my way.

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