My Perfect Job

Many women have written a list of what they want in the perfect partner.  But, what about the perfect job?  Lately, when it comes to specifics, I’ve become stymied, as if blocked by something.  Maybe I’m not letting myself be as free as I should.  Let’s see what I can get out here:

  • I can walk or bike to work.
  • I do not need to wear dress clothes, shoes, or excessive make up. I am comfy all of the time.
  • I work for 8 hours. Then, I am done. I do not need to take any work home, leaving me time to write, read, get outdoors, and whatever the heck else I feel like doing, without even thinking about work . . .unless I want to.
  • I work a regular shift. (9-5 or close)
  • I am given advanced notice of my schedule (not one week before)
  • I do not need to stay late to help close up, nor take an extra shift.
  • I work for something I believe in. I do not support a company or sell a product that I believe isn’t good for people.
  • The people I work for seek out my input, fully listen to my ideas, and may implement them (immediately!)
  • I am appreciated, needed, and recognized.
  • I am able to use my creativity.
  • Someone shows me how to get started, but I do not have someone standing over my shoulder at all hours
  • I feel like my work is making the world a better place.
  • I am not pushing anyone to be or do anything they don’t want to be or do.
  • I am not telling people what to do.
  •  No one is ordering me what to do.
  • I have a lunch break, and I actually get to each lunch.
  • I am able to perform/present.
  • I may do some speaking, writing, or editing.
  • I sometimes work in a team and sometimes alone.
  • I do not need to attend meetings often, and if and when I do, they are short.
  • I am able to move a lot, even if that means getting out of my chair frequently and walking around for a bit or stretching before I return to work.
  • I am not standing in one place the entire day.
  • I have variety in my work.  (I’m kept on my toes and not bored out of my mind!)
  • I have a good rapport with my boss(es) and coworkers.
  • I jump out of bed in the morning, eager to get to work.
  • I feel energized as I leave work.
  • I love my job.


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Comments on: "My Perfect Job" (4)

  1. You are getting there because you just defined your values and likes. I too struggled with this issue and found that things had to work on me over time. Finding the right job for me (not dream job) was like following the yellow brick road. I think it takes brains, courage, and heart. Good luck to you! I’m so with you on not wearing a dress to work 🙂

    • Thanks for the encouragement! I feel like that’s most of the battle right now — figuring out exactly what I want! I feel like I’m slowly starting to shape something together, given this time to mull things over. I liked your story on your site. Good luck to you, as well!

  2. So many people don’t know what they’re aiming for and get stuck in a rut – the fact that you are focussed and know what you’d like is a really great start.

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