Cats vs. Dogs

I truly am a cat person and my partner is a dog person. I try to love our year-and-a-half year old puppy to the best of my ability, but inevitably he will do something stupid that will completely drive me nuts.

We have two cats and a dog. Our dog Bowser will chew – no – DESTROY anything that is left in his path. This mainly means paper. He will also eat anything, EXCEPT for his pills. (Now, I don’t blame him for not wanting to eat his pills, but he’ll eat every other fricken’ thing, including throwup and rabbit poop, so why can’t he eat the thing we most need him to eat??) Our cats, Link and Zelda, are no angels either. They go up on the kitchen counter, coffee table, and kitchen table when we aren’t around. Sometimes they knock things off shelves. We find evidence of it the next morning. But they rarely destroy anything.

The worst is when the cats and dogs gang up as co-conspirators. For example, today we came home from yoga to a mess of pieces of mint lifesavers and foil. Brian threw the yoga mat after one of the cats. “What are you throwing at him for?” I asked.

This is where we split. I don’t see the cat’s behavior as a problem. Brian isn’t bothered by what the dog does.

(He held the leftover packaging in my face.) “Do you see this? This was on the counter. The cats must have knocked it off.”

(Me:) “Oh. (Pause.) But are you at least going to say or do something with Bowser? I mean, he’s the one who chewed it to pieces!”

And it’s pretty clear how we’re split, even to the animals. Bowser goes ballistic when Brian gets home. Not so much for me. . . The cats are upstairs, ignoring Brian during the day, but they suddenly appear out of nowhere when I get home. Bowser will cry when Brian leaves, even if I’m still in the room. Zelda and I nuzzle each other, Link lets me hold him like a baby, and Bowser will curl up with Brian on the couch and on the bed.

But despite our differences, I know we both love all of our animals very much. The cats will snuggle up with Brian on the couch, too, and I know I miss Bowser because the house seems empty when he’s gone to the vet or to Brian’s parents’ for a visit.

Will I ever be a “dog person”, though? Somehow I doubt it.

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  1. Dogs and cats living together … mass hysteria!

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