I’m weary. Take an evening doing progress reports (one of the activities I most despise), add going to sleep at 1:30AM, then not eating breakfast or pretty much anything else the next day day — except one chocolate chip muffin, a few bites of hummus with pieces of tortilla, and an energy chew (so no vitamins either), – add over a week with little exercise. . . and then there’s all that Valentine’s candy I’ve been gorging on . . . and THEN add a really depressing documentary (Zeitgeist) about how awful the world is . . . and it’s no wonder I’m mopey and depressed on a Friday night instead of doing crazy high butt kicking  jumps of joy that I made it through another week. Curling up in a fetal position and doing a stress-relieving cry, anyone?  That sounds more likely. For now I’ll finish some dinner made by my fantastic boyfriend and sit back with a white Russian. . .minus the vodka.

Image: Stuart Miles /

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