quick character sketch

Lisa sits in the plastic bus seat, her legs crossed with one stiletto dangling from the edge of her foot. Her left hand lies poised on her laptop. Her cheek rests against her right hand, her fingers tapping against her lips as she considers what direction to take next with her latest fan fiction piece. Pausing for a minute, she leans back, thrusting her chest out and shaking her long dark hair out of her face. She scans the crowd, quietly observing those around her.

She’s been an adventurer since a young age, leaving the public  school system for a prestigious academy and moving across the country to attend the university of her dreams.   Now she is an independent woman in an exciting city.  She likes intelligent conversation and dislikes stupid people: those who haven’t attended prestigious schools like hers, or just those who believe they know better than she does. She exudes confidence, but her facade is a shield behind which her insecurities lie. Losing her mother at a young age left a hole in her heart that her dad could never fill, even if he had tried.

She’s an interesting mix of a woman, at times fun-loving, light, and free, like the child she briefly was. At other times — dark, fearful, and despairing, a side one might glimpse  if her skirt were to slide a bit more up her seat and reveal the dark scars along her thighs.

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