Whatever happened to my updates?  I completely forgot I was even supposed to BE updating.  I look back and shake my head.  Well, to clear up what I left unsaid (starting from the end and working my way back up):

I took the writing class. I really enjoyed it. It was expensive, though, so as much as I would like to take more classes, I won’t right now because I want to have savings and not fall apart when I change careers. I didn’t actually finish the class. I did my rough draft sample and was determined to turn that into a memoir on my life, but my motivation for that project died. Too overwhelming, I guess, or maybe my inner critique gouged it out.

Writing has been sporadic. Reading has been sparser than I’d like. But I’m reading about WRITING, so I feel like that should count double or something. I’m also listening to my second book on CD in the car (for book club). And enjoying it much. My first fiction book on CD that I am actually enjoying. (The Book Thief)

I want to publish the children’s story that I wrote in my high school Creative Writing class, but after reading through Write That Book Already!, I see that it’s going to take a little more work than I thought; i.e. looking through Children’s Writer’s & Illustrator’s Market, looking into agents (by reading Acknowledgments in books or some similar process), and writing query letters. So, much for my — just submitting a copy to a whole bunch of publishers – idea. That’s a no-no. Read the book. Write a query letter. Submit to 1.

I know I can do this. I’m just always afraid of something I haven’t tried before. I think I will blog about that.

A few more ends to tie up on my career journey in 10 sentences or less:

I haven’t spoken with Janet (my career counselor) in a while. I went on the bike trip, but it ended in disaster. So, I didn’t really have an experience to submit to a magazine. (But I could submit my traumatic experience!) I have become even more disenchanted with my job and have been close to remediation (to my shock and further displeasure). I now feel desperate to find a completely different career path and find out who the heck I am and what the heck I’m doing here.

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