Journey Part II

I need to find the old family footage of Kouffa Kouf to see what on Earth I was talking about, what INSPIRED me to my ramblings. I don’t remember ever seeing it, so I’m not sure I could find it. I was inspired by 2 people I sorta met today, though. Bill is a photographer who once took photographs in Vietnam, Haiti, and Mexico and has returned to it since retirement. Evan is a recent artist who self-taught himself over 3 years based on watching youtube videos. Has AWESOME ideas for children’s books.

Bill encouraged me just to get started in something. He told me a neat story of how his daughter tried an improv class through the Naperville improv group, and she ended up getting a job in sounds and lights there and also with her theater background became one of the regular performers.

I feel like I had a creative self. That kouffa kouff self. And I quickly became self-conscious or grew out of it or SOMETHING. And now I have to back and find that and start over.

My dad has a book. He should self-publish it. I wonder if he’d want to. I wonder if people would read it. So what if they didn’t? He could probably sell it to family. I’d definitely buy it! He should take the JJC class. Maybe I’ll bring it up to him.

I’m behind on my career search. Although really, I think going to this self-publishing class probably counts. And just going to WORK should count. And I’ve already taken the Meijers-Briggs many times. I should just do it and get it over with. And start researching. And put my accomplishments.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Seeing Ron. Getting a boyfriend. Getting cats.

I think part of my accomplishments right now are just doing what I want to do, finding what I want to do, and finding out who I am. I feel like I need to go to those confidence classes that Janet is talking about and go to some reflections. Spend more time in silence. Meditating. Spend more time thinking about ME.

I wonder if I could be an artist. I drew a very realistic drawing of Sonya once. I wonder if I could do it again. Could I touch into my artistic side? The photographer/artist side? I don’t know that I have the patience. Or want to give myself the time.

I need to send more messages out to the universe/my guardian angels. Every situation happens for a reason. I need to think more about that. I also want to take out some books on intuition.

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