I’ve been gone for quite some time as I’ve been involved in getting ready for graduation from the first cycle of the School of Metaphysics, and I’ve been preparing for Dream Awareness Weekend.  I miss posting.

Here is a quick summary of 3 dreams I’ve interpreted (with some advice) over the past month — though I’ve still been remembering my dreams pretty much every day!

Dream #1:

My friend is over.  She is sitting on the couch.  She mentions something about not being allergic.  I am surprised she’s not.  Room resembles parents’ basement.  I am sitting on the floor.  I think cats will probably come over.  Zelda does.


At first I had no idea what this dream meant.  I was trying to figure out what aspect of me this friend represented.  Then I went back over the day before, and I remembered that I had tried using affirmations that day.  I realized that this person was a very supportive, affirming person, and that she had represented this part of myself that I had just used.  She had felt comfortable in my mind, not repelled, she was sticking around.

Dream #2:

Burying a coffin.  We want to bury it in this grassy area, but we know there are other coffins there.  We can see their shape in the ground. 

Interpretation and Application:

I was really stumped on this dream and got a lot of interesting ideas from a lot of different people.  The main idea is that the focus is death, which is change.  There is a part of me that has changed, and I am seeing other parts of me that have also changed.  Since I never see any bodies, I am not fully aware of exactly what has changed within me.  Again, I need to be still and conscious of what I’m going through during the day.  Then I can identify the changes going on within me.

Dream #3:

There are parties.  We go to one.  There are more, and I want to go.  (Halloweeen?) Costume party.  I am debating which to go to and whether or not to go.  I see posts about it on Facebook.  I’m trying to think of what to wear.  I’m hoping someone will go with me (my fiancee or sister?  not sure which).  But they don’t want to go.  (Someone texting me about it?)


A part of me wants to get to know myself better, to try out new expressions of myself and to expand and to grow.  Another part of myself is ready to turn in, to rest and give myself time to withdraw and process.  I shared this dream in a dream workshop, and my teacher added that this is duality, and that it is a good thing.  There is a time for expanding and for contracting.  We need both.

Dream #4:

I knew I’d had twins (but I never saw them in the dream, in fact, by the end of the dream I realized I didn’t remember being pregnant, didn’t remember going into labor, etc).  Cindy asked me about the baby, and I was unable to give her much detail.  I thought one was a little chattier than the other.  It began to bother me that I knew nothing about the babies and that they weren’t even with me.  I wanted to get them.  I talked to my mom about breast feeding.  She was telling me not to worry, there were other options, and I was like “I haven’t even tried breastfeeding yet! Let me try and see if they even latch on!”

Interpretation and Application:

The focus of the dream is the babies.  I want to care for them, I want to nurture them, and feed them, but I have no idea where they are.  I asked Dr. Barbara about symbols that you never actually see in my dream and mentioned the babies.  The babies are ideas.  Since I don’t actually see them, they are ideas that are kind of floating around somewhere out there, but I’m not fully connected to them, aware of them.  I’m not able to nurture the ideas and help them to grow because they have not fully materialized in my mind yet.  I need to be still and receive the ideas fully so that I can fully visualize them and help them to mature.


Please be sure to check out The School of Metaphysics branches page  during April 25th-27th 6pm until the end of Sunday night to find the branch nearest you (although any of the schools will be fine!) and to get your dream interpreted for free.

Our ideal is that every individual be able to connect to his/her subconscious mind through remembering, interpreting, and applying the messages from dreams.  This is the first step!

"Image courtesy of Idea go / FreeDigitalPhotos.net".

Image courtesy of Idea go / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I’m very into numbers, and I’ve consistently been seeing the numbers “666″ for a few years now.  It’s only recently that I interpreted that combo using Doreen Virtue’s angel numbers book: “Your thoughts are too focused on material illusions.  Raise your thoughts spiritually to get your thoughts back on track.”  This is the message that I keep getting from my angels.  Think positively.  Think positively.  THINK POSITIVELY!  I still haven’t gotten the lesson.  And yesterday my thoughts were particularly tumultuous.  So my subconscious responded in kind:

I dreamt a lot about work. . . At one point we were pouring oil over our heads.  I put some on gingerly, and then someone poured it over my head as if I’d needed it.

I knew head was related to thoughts.  The oil seemed to be related to purification.  “Ointment” happens to be right above “oil” in The Dreamer’s Dictionary.  Both terms had explanations that make sense to my life right now.  (Coincidentally, “office” is all on the same page, so I will use that, as well.)

An excerpt from “Oil“:  “Oil represents energy.  Become more sensitive to the energy expended in thought and action. . . It requires less energy to think positively, directing the mind toward something that is desirable, than to think negatively, trying to avoid or escape something feared or unwanted.”

Ointment: “Ointment represents potential healing. . . .  When thoughts are productive for self and others, healing can take place.”  (What’s the part that is healed in my dream?  My head!  My thoughts.)

Workplace: “Office indicates a place in mind where learning and growth can occur.  . .  .  Do I view life for the learning it brings or as a series of burdensome crises to be solved?”

I have become more and more aware of my negative thoughts lately (especially since it’s being brought to my attention!)  I’ve even noticed how I’m drawing more of what I don’t want to myself as I’m having these unproductive ideas.

Application: I want to be more positive.  I feel the negative thinking patterns are ingrained within me, and I’m not being attentive to myself and building my self image.

These are my goals for this:

1. Give myself time for me to do whatever.  (Goal: 1 hour a day)

2. Find employment that fits more in-line with my desires and allows more time for me to pursue my interests.

2. Monitor my thoughts.  Reframe negative, unproductive thoughts by finding purpose.  Forgive myself and others.

This is important for me and may be an ongoing project.

Dreams: Insect? Plant?

Image courtesy of wiangya / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of wiangya / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I dreamt I was standing at a wall doing something and there was an insect hovering nearby.  It was an unpleasant distraction, so I called my dad over.  He knocked it down for me.  We took a look at it, and the insect was now this huge insect with a large, leafy branch coming out the back of it. 

Wall — limitation

Dad — Superconscious

Insect — Habit

Plant — Intuition

This is a dream from a week ago, and I was a little stumped by the insect/plant combo.  Was it a habit?  Was it intuition?  So, I asked Dr. Barbara from the School of Metaphysics during last week’s dream webinar.  She said animals/habits can be compulsive and to look at my intuition and how I’m using it.  Is it compulsive?  Am I aware of its existence?  She drew my attention to our intuition journal (a place to recognize intuitive happenings) and encouraged me to keep doing my exercises and be aware of my intuition.

I need to be keeping up with my intuitive journal and noticing more of my intuitive happenings, so that is the application I will use for this dream.

Zombie Dream

Image courtesy of smarnad / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of smarnad / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Zombies.  They were everywhere.  A group of us were trying to stay away from them.  We were worried they might get in the house.     Male leader.  At one point there were zombies in the house.  Sleeping!  I wanted to make sure they didn’t wake.  Don’t make eye contact with the zombies.   Sleeping woman zombie on the couch. Looked similar to the parent of one of my tutoring students.  I think at one point one was trying to bite me.

The images from this dream were rather scattered, since I hit the snooze quite a few times that morning (Monday morning) and didn’t write the dream down immediately when I woke.  However, the focal point was zombies, and I was terrified of them getting house in the first half and then terrified of waking them up in the second half.

This is not my first zombie dream.  Zombies are aspects of yourself (since they are human), but they are aspects that haven’t quite changed.  (If they were dead they would have changed, but they’re not . . .  quite. . .  dead . . .)  In the first part of the dream I am afraid they will enter my state of mind (the house), and later I am hoping they will remain sleeping (unaware, or dormant, perhaps).

I had some emotional surges the 24-hours before, so I think they must be connected to the zombies.   One was old resentments/issues about money.  The other was panic over a lack of control (over time, in this case.)  I’m not sure which the dream was referring to exactly.  However, in both cases  I was displeased with these parts of myself and hoped to prevent them from taking over me — so, I suppose either can apply.

So, then, how can I use this for learning?  I think I need to go back to both emotions and identify the thoughts behind them.  In the case of the money resentments, I recognized a karmic pattern that I had built and made some resolutions to help break the pattern.  This one is not finished, however.  As far as the semi-panic, I’m not sure what to think.  The emotional reaction took me by surprise.  I’m not sure if I need to learn to be more flexible or if I need to set more boundaries.  I’m sure the universe will help me figure that out by bringing it back to me again!

Image courtesy of artur84 / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of artur84 / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

The dream is always about the dreamer.  I know this.  However, I still find some sex dreams disturbing — depending on who is participating with me!  Your sexual preference is not important to your subconscious.  In fact, reality as we know it is not really important to your subconscious.  The subconscious focuses on basic symbols.

Yesterday morning I had a very vivid sex dream; one of the most vivid I’ve ever had.  And it was with a woman.  Normally this is nothing for me, but I know the woman very well, and so it was definitely weird.  However, I moved on, knowing that the woman was really just another part of me.  People in our dreams are aspects of ourselves, and people of the same sex as we are represent conscious aspects of ourselves.  But then in the interpretation I was a bit stumped: a woman and a man having intercourse in a dream represent creation, so what about two people of the same sex?   I knew I’d heard something about this before, but I couldn’t remember, and I couldn’t find it in my dream dictionary.

This is where having a teacher comes in handy.  I asked my metaphysics teacher about it in class that same night: “Does this mean that I’m getting more intimate with my conscious mind?” I asked.   “Yes. . .” she said, but she went on to ask me what else that meant.  She said I was leaving subconscious out of it; I was attempting to create with just my conscious mind.

But I still didn’t get it.  (What does that mean?)

“What’s something you have on your 10 Most Wanted List?” she then asked me.

“A finished basement,” I responded (my latest project).

“Well, using your conscious mind might involve figuring out the cost, and checking if you have the money in the bank, and going to the store, and picking out what you need. Using your subconscious mind would involve visualization and using the Universal Laws.  Like, imagining  exactly how you want the  basement to look and putting your attention on it being that way.  Maybe you meditate on how you will get the money, or give to others and claim 10-fold, so that the universe will help you receive what you need.”

Ahh!  Now this made perfect sense to me.  Yes, I had been very detailed and focused on the physical elements of the project.  And I had been very pleased with this.   I had done some basic visualization but had not asked for specific guidance from the universe and had not had faith in the abundance available.  In a nutshell, I was all in my head, not unified with myself for ultimate creation.  And this was not just about the basement.  I could see it playing out in many aspects of my life.  I’m trying to add more visualization to my life little-by-little.

Have you had any freaky dreams?  They are probably actually more normal than you think!  Now I’m off to bed.  I barely remembered anything this morning, and I want some new learning material!

photo(2)This comic, just tickled my fancy.  On the one hand you have Lucy, complaining about Snoopy stealing her shoe and being nasty and negative the entire strip, and then you have the innocent and playful response from Charlie Brown at the end when he tickles her shoeless foot.  How do you look at the world?  Who have you been this week?  Lucy?  Charlie Brown? . . .  Snoopy?

And now to tie this into my dreams. . .  hmm . . .  Maybe I can tie it into my visualization dream below.  Our thoughts create our reality.  We have to be focused and keep our visualizations directed toward the positive.  Have fun with life!

This morning I struggled to get up and almost lost my dreams, but I stuck with them.  I would like to touch on my dreams from today and then go back to my dreams from yesterday.

Part I: This Morning

Dream 1: One of my old friends popped up in my dream a few times this morning.  She has come up every so often, and usually we are reconciling or reconciled.  I’m not sure if this dream is talking about reconciling with the actual person or with some part of myself, but I think possibly both.  I feel like I may not have taken in the learning from that situation.  (We attract certain people into our life for a reason!)

Dream 2: I also remember looking into my fish tank and realizing there were 3 fish instead of our two.  When I looked closely at the new fish, I noticed its head looked like a rat’s head, like a tadpole with a rat’s head.  Fish = a compulsive thinking, perhaps particularly related to spirituality.  The rat is an unattractive animal, so I think that adds a dimension.  I am having some mixed up, unpleasant, compulsive thought forms involving spirituality.  I’m not sure what connects from yesterday, but I did struggled to get my exercises done, and I haven’t had that issue in a while.  Perhaps the dream is suggesting that I need to look at my exercises in a different way (not so much as a chore), as my teacher has suggested before. And maybe not be so perfectionistic about the new one I’m learning.

Dream 3: Finally, I dreamt I was drawing on the large off-white drawing paper that I have. One of the things that I drew was Ellen (DeGeneres).  This one is an easy interpretation for me.  Drawing is visualizing, and I’m visualizing things I desire.  I wish I could see what else I drew in the picture because I struggle with clarity about what I want.  The School of Metaphysics is interested in involving Ellen in our Dream Awareness Weekend in April, and I think about it and her a lot.  In fact, someone at my workplace has been putting her show on during lunch time, ever since this past weekend.  The thought form is out there!

Part II: Yesterday’s Dreams

I had 5 dreams yesterday.  I’m not going to interpret them all, but I wanted to share them all because they are a bit wack-a-doodle.  I do want to focus on the second dream because it has some interesting symbols.

Dream 1:

Crazy wave (tsunami) coming.  I was warned.  Knew it was going to wash over me.  I was outside in an unknown place by the water.  I had something in my hands (my lesson?)  I knew there was no place to put it down in time.

Dream 2:

Strange happenings and unknown people talking about it.  Odd rainbow somehow.  And clouds touching down into the water.  Falling as if dripping into it.

unknown people — unknown aspects of myself

rainbow — signifies identification of levels of awareness in conscious experience

clouds — represent the separation between the subconscious and superconscious parts of mind

water — conscious life experiences

Summary: This dream seems to suggest that I am becoming more aware.  There is an oddness to it, in that the rainbow is off somehow, and the clouds are dripping into the water.  Perhaps I need to have clarity in my awareness.  More distinction.  OR perhaps some awareness of merging of the parts of mind is happening.

Dream 3:

I am with a group of people, male and female.  A guy is threatening his partner and making to hit her with a plastic bag (with something in it).  I get up and tell him not even to make like he is going to hit her or I will beat the crap out of him.  (I had been silent and still up until this point.)  I got up and was right in his face when I said this.  I retreated to my seat and was silent afterwards.

Dream 4:

A mystery to be solved.  At a theater.  I end up bumping into the Mentalist there.  I am hesitant to ask him for help because I figure he must be busy.  He has a brief exchange with a guy who he thinks is a fan but turns out not really even pay attention to him.  I know the Mentalist will be able to solve the mystery.  We are outdoors now.  There are buildings overhead like connected treehouses.  There is some running around as the Mentalist sets up his plan.  (He is running?)  He gives some guy his physical report before the guy (young) goes up in the clubhouse.

Dream 5:

(I am surrounded by water, like in a large tub or small pool?)  There is a lamb.  Maybe some other animals, too, like insects.  Yes, one is an insect, and it gets close to me.  Someone with me (Dad?) thinks it’s dead, but it’s not.  I ask what will happen to the lamb that is there.  I am worried it will be killed.  Dad assures me it won’t.  It is soaking wet. 

Please feel free to share yours!  And if you want any feedback, let me know!



I had a lot of dreams with students in them this morning.

In one I was trying to use worksheets/organizers to impose structure with the student (one I actually have). She was resisting.  I told her we could stop lessons (kind of like a threat).

In another I was like a sub P.E. teacher again imposing limits by telling the student (unknown girl) that I she couldn’t go passed a certain boundary.  (She did.)  She told me the principal said the boundary was further.  I took her (maybe even her face) and asked aggressively how she should have spoken with me, considering I am her elder and her teacher.

In another dream I had some difficulty with older students (teens?) and went to the office so that I could get some reinforcements.  The office didn’t seem too happy with me.  I got the feeling that I’d had some trouble with this in the past, and they didn’t like the clean up.

Symbols: The symbols were mainly maturing aspects of self (mostly unknown), limitations/discipline, purpose, and the superconscious/place where the superconscious resides.  (The superconscious doesn’t make an appearance in my dream.  I seek it out and my conscious aspect talks about it.)

Summary/Application: I believe this dream may have to do with my approach to my limitations.  I also think it has to do with my confusion about discipline in regards to others.  Yesterday I had a situation that caused me to reflect on whether or now I enable people when I should be setting limitations.  I need to reflect more on what the dream was telling me about that curiosity/concern.

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