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Finally just jumped in and did this. I absolutely love this song.  Please, music world, write more of these songs!  (Maybe someday I will, too!)

And thank you for indulging my desire to sing. :-)



Early Education Enrichment @ the Plainfield Fest!

Early Education Enrichment @ the Plainfield Fest!


I’ve been a little shaken AND stirred these last few days. I’m starting both a new business AND a new metaphysics class AND my classmates and I have a fundraiser this coming weekend.  It is pushing me WAY out of my comfort zone — which is good for me, but painful, nevertheless.  It’s hard for me to steer clear of the whirlpool emotion of despair that tries to ensnare me when things don’t go as picture perfectly as I hope they will go.  It’s also hard for me to approach people, which all three of these events have required me to do.

I’ve done a little mental reframing and a little financial reorganization, and I’m going to look at this year as a great chance to get to know people.  I’ve been meaning to volunteer, and my intuitive reports have emphasized the importance of service and being connected to others.  So, I’m going to make this make this a year of community involvement.

Time to get out of my head and into the world!

If any of you have a favorite volunteer organization, please share!


I spent a good part of today preparing my Early Education Enrichment booth for the Plainfield Fest.  Had fun with my sis’, laminating, going kiddie prize shopping, and planning and preparing the educational games and promotional paraphernalia .  As I type this, I am still working on it. . .  Pictures and more to follow. :-)

I particularly need this today.  I’m feeling a bit low.  For the things that I am struggling with, I am turning them into something to appreciate.

I am thankful for my cats, for sticking to me like glue to show me they love me.

I am thankful for forgetting things, so that I may remember to be present and grounded.

I am thankful for beginnings, so that I can  measure my growth.

I am thankful for phonecalls, to practice connecting with people.

I am thankful for large projects, to practice breaking things into steps.

I am thankful for low emotions — they trigger me to take a look at myself and my situation, step outside myself, and see the bigger picture.  They remind me that all of the drama is inside my head — my conscious mind — and thus to be aware of what is in front of me and what is deep inside me.

I am thankful that I AM.

Sometimes when I go away and my routine gets disrupted, I find it harder to remember my dreams.  Fortunately, my dreams have come back, and with a vengeance!  Here are the last two days:


  • Substitute aid for a P.E. class.  P.E. teacher is in a classroom (a bit larger).  He is gathering up all of the materials when I come in.  Makes a comment about materials left in the hallway by someone else.
  • I am hugging a bunch of men to say goodbye.  For some they seem very attached to me.  One I kiss on the lips, not meant sexually, but the guy’s eyes light up in surprise.  And one guy and I end up dancing a bit.  Some older woman (teacher/authority) breaks us up, and we find another way to dance further apart, holding each other’s hands with arms out.
  • Sitting in chairs, including students, reminiscing over old days.
  • Girl not treated fairly.  We investigate.
  • ___________ ?  people help me move shelves?
  • Climbed a mountain — looked out around as if to try to seethe whole world (as if talking to someone.  Then kind of slid down the mountain.  Went back to my house.  (Slid a little lucidly in the dream.)  Was moving fast through neighborhood.  Car there, but I imagined my route would be clear.  Back to my house (flat?)  Greeted my boys with a hug and kiss.  I was male.  Wife there.
  • Some kind of movie-like scenario with bad guys coming after more laid-back good buys, but they have ingenious home-made contraptions to knock out the bad guy, including a barrel that explodes and lets out farts while the guys are already trapped down.  Later wife is upset because these shenanigans have destroyed the house a bit.  Huge crack against the wall.  We have a fight, and I say to her that she doesn’t appreciate me, basically.  I clarify that I think I’m awesome, but she doesn’t.  I get no reaction from her.
  • Sitting in a car.  (Larger car)  Certain way to sit.  By twos.  (Concert?)
  • Visited YMCA to talk about my business.  Some distractions.  (And her fixing up area.)  I don’t know that we end up talking about it.
  • My sister is upset.  She and Mom have been together and she has had some items stolen from her purse/bag (or at least, they are missing).  She begins replacing some, like nail polish and maybe other make up.  She and Mom are pretty concerned it happened in their quick stop at a hotel.  I ask them which hotel because I say I don’t want the same to happen to me.
  • Mom (at Bobi’s — grandma’s) showing me some jewelry she is wearing (maybe necklace?)  She laughs about how Dido goes/would go around the house opening all of the blinds, and Bobi closes them.
  • My body was freaky skinny.  I had like no behind at all, and I just felt really flimsy like there was no sustenance for me. 


  • Planning to move to Hollywood.  For a moment I identified with Marilyn Monroe (felt I was her).  I began to change my mind, though, knowing how expensive the city would be.  (I think that I told my boss it was going to be my last day.)  Saw a medium-sized model of the city.
  • Something with a girl sitting on my lap and then getting up and telling me how she wanted to be at her pool at home.
  • I remember walking somewhere.  I think we changed the traffic signals accidentally by saying “green” by them.
  • Raffle?
  • Guy walking around with goodies.  I was trying to decide, choose from the plate of sweets.  I chose a chocolate cupcake with white frosting, since I had gotten this one knocked over as I was looking.  But then the whole plate ended up flipped over.
  • Some talking about a presentation to be happy/happening?  3 or 4 lion-like creatures (animatronics or real?)  and talk that the dragon would emerge — just on that day!
  • 3 characters; seems went up into the sky.  The first two were serious and the last one was fun-loving.
  • Talking about talking to people at a party.  When asked, I said it would be different if I were at my particular friend’s house and talking to people.  I’d be like “Hey! Loosen up.  Have some fun.”  People thought this was funny.
  • Some guy did some questionnaire-contest thing.

Day 1 Symbols and Synthesis:

I’m a substitute, P.E. teacher, class materials, hugs, men, kiss, dance, older woman authority figure, hands/arms, chairs, students, girl, shelves, mountain, house, car, sons, hugs and kisses, I’m a male, wife, bad guys, crude/rough good guys, home-made weapon contraptions, farts, wife, crack in wall, car, people sitting, concert?, YMCA, sister, Mom, purse/bag, hotel, make-up/nail polish, Mom, jewelry (necklace?), Bobi, Bobi’s house, Dido, blinds, skinny body.

I’m not going to analyze every bit, so what strikes me about this dream first is that I’m a substitute P.E. teacher.  My intuitive reports talked about the importance of me being grounded, rooted in the physical, and in the importance of touch.  I believe this means I am exploring this.  I am also really connecting with subconscious mind, in the interactions I have with the men and with my two little boys.  PLUS I actually identify as a male.  Really seeing myself subconsciously.  There is some dissonance that I experienced with the battling men and in my interactions with the older woman and with my wife.  The crack in the wall is probably a good thing — it is breaking down limitations.  However, my conscious mind is unhappy about it.  I am intrigued by the hotel and jewelry situations.  We have the common theme of expression between the two.  In one, I am consciously, rapidly trying to replace self-expression that I have lost while going in and out of universal mind.  In the other, a superconscious aspect is showing off some self-expression.  The blinds make me think of allowing awareness and light in and out of the mind.

Day 2

Move, Marilyn Monroe, boss, model of Hollywood, girl, lap, traffic signals, raffle?, guy, dessert plate, chocolate cupcake, real/machine creatures, 3 characters, the sky, party, party people.

These dreams just seem really fluffy to me with the Hollywood, Marilyn Monroe, the desserts, the magical creatures, people floating into the sky, being at a party.  What I get out of this for myself is that I need to get myself grounded, relax, make wise moves, get out of my head, and take in wholesome knowledge from my experiences.

Do you want to share your dream?   I love to hear others’ dreams!  Please e-mail me your dream:   If you’d like, I’ll respond with some suggestions of possible meanings and see what resonates with you.  Then please share how you would apply that to your life and let me know if you’d like to be featured in a “Dreamy Wednesday” post!

Happy dreaming!


I’ve just come back from back-to-back Spiritual Focus Sessions through the School of Metaphysics: Spirit of the Healer and Powers of 10.  They were amazing from start to finish.  Besides the highlight of the sessions — the in-person intuitive reports — the lessons, activities, meals, reflections, and personal interactions were eye-opening and life-changing.  I left with an open heart and a stirred soul (and a lot to process!)

Please check out the upcoming sessions, and maybe I’ll see you there :-) :

Spiritual Focus Sessions through the School of Metaphysics.



Tomorrow I leave for a wonderful back-to-back spiritual focus weekends, in which I will learn my healing quality and about the power of my intuition.  Afterward I will have a fabulous summary post that I’m sure will be very metaphysical . . . and . . .  fun. :-)  Tonight I’m grateful for completion.

I am grateful for:

  • Getting the last shelving unit in the office — a story for another time. . .
  • Getting shelving units put together — also a fun experience!
  • Bonding time with sis’.
  • Getting the main level clean — including floors!  And super awesome Scour Off on the sink!
  • Getting my classroom set up.
  • Experiencing visiting and speaking with the park district and YMCA with Cindy
  • Visiting the Joliet Library and cafe
  • Getting flyers and business cards posted by the Joliet Library cafe.
  • Taking Bowser in for a hair cut.
  • Getting my promotional materials in.
  • Getting my pop-up tent.
  • Getting my shocks and tires replaced and oil changed.
  • Being able to cross off other things from my list because others helped me out — the association power washed the front of our house, and my friend and mechanic cleaned off the rest of the words from my car windows.
  • Getting packed.

I hope you have wonderful, gratitude-filled weekend.  Remember, give thanks, and the angels dance and sing!

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